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4 Reasons to Make Chocolate Part of Your Beauty Routine
Jessica B. • August 24, 2016

There are many articles out there boasting the health benefits of chocolate, right? Well, what about the beauty benefits of chocolate?

That’s right, chocolate can be used for skincare, and it’s glorious.

After trying a chocolate mask from Andalou Naturals, I decided to research the beauty benefits of chocolate.

Eating chocolate may support heart health, healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range and more. It may also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range (stylecraze.com).

There are a variety of health and beauty benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. It supports healthy cognitive function, has a low glycemic index (fitday.com), and it helps you feel fuller more quickly if you have a bite or two before dinner (telegraph.co.uk).

With the health benefits of chocolate, it’s easy to see why it’s gaining popularity in beauty.

If you’re curious about using chocolate for beauty, check out these four reasons to add chocolate to your beauty routine right now:

4 Reasons to Make Chocolate Part of Your Beauty Routine

  1. Antioxidant Protection
  2. Flavonols, which are flavonoids found in chocolate, deliver powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage and support healthy blood flow (youbeauty.com). The vitamins and minerals also help protect skin against damage from UV rays (totalbeauty.com).

  3. Skin Hydrator
  4. Dark chocolate features iron, calcium, copper, zinc and vitamins A, B-1, C, D and E, among others, which support health and wellness (huffingtonpost.com). Dark chocolate also helps to hydrate skin and maintain healthy collagen levels. The caffeine and antioxidants also promote skin health by supporting healthy circulation (stylecaster.com). Contrary to popular belief, chocolate is not directly correlated with breakouts.

  5. Stress Reliever
  6. Stress can affect many different parts of your body differently. For some people, stress can disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, which can affect the health of your skin. It can also make your under-eye area appear puffy (cosmopolitan.com). Dark chocolate helps to lower stress hormone levels (stylecraze.com). It also supports serotonin levels in the body, which promote healthy moods. Magnesium helps release endorphins, which also have a positive effect on moods (besthealthmag.ca).

  7. Hair & Scalp Booster
  8. Dark chocolate supports the health of your hair, making it look shiny and voluminous. The copper, zinc and iron also promote healthy circulation in your scalp (huffingtonpost.com).

Dark chocolate boasts many health and beauty benefits, but when you eat too much at one time, the benefits decrease. Moderation is key!

You can get some of these benefits by eating dark chocolate, but it’s easy to enhance these benefits as well with your skincare.

Swanson sells chocolate scrubs, masks and lip balms. Many DIY chocolate recipes can be found on Pinterest like hair masks, body butters and lotions, lip glosses, and deep conditioning treatments for your hair!

Did you know chocolate had benefits for your skin, hair and more?