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Experts agree: anti-aging isn't just for those already experiencing signs of old age. Starting in your 20s, you should consider taking measures so you tackle aging gracefully. One of the main factors contributing to physical decline is the fact that levels of critical hormones and other vital chemicals in our bodies drop with each passing year. If you're already experiencing diminished memory, loss of energy, or wrinkles, it's not too late to start an anti-aging regimen to bring back that youthful feeling and appearance.

Finding the Regimen for You

From supplements to eating right and exercising, there are various aspects to staying healthy and feeling young at any age. A balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, including plenty of antioxidants and vitamin and mineral-rich dark, leafy greens, healthy oils, fatty acids and lean protein helps brings out the best in you. Including supplements such as CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, DHEA, vitamins C, E and K can help improve brain function, and maintain energy levels, as well as muscles, skin tone, immune and bone health and overall well-being. And don't forget daily beauty products such as serums and creams to keep your skin soft and smooth too! The great news is Swanson carries all of these items at an outstanding price.

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