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Have you ever stumbled across an unfamiliar word when reading about vitamins and supplements? Health and wellness can be a complex adventure. Maybe a new product features ingredients you've never heard of. Or maybe you just need a reminder about a certain term. When a quick reference check is needed, visit our Natural Health Glossary for a brief definition (or a link to more detailed information in our Health Encyclopedia). Be sure to keep this helpful, easy-to-search resource one click away: bookmark it!


Valerian: (va-LAIR-ee-un) see valerian encyclopedia entry

Vanadium: (van-AY-dee-um) see vanadium encyclopedia entry

Vasoconstriction: (vas-oh-con-STRICT-shun) The constriction of blood vessels.

Vasodilation: (vas-oh-die-ah-LAY-shun) The dilation of blood vessels.

Vegan: (VEE-gun) Someone who eats no animal-derived foods.

Vegetarian: (ve-jah-TAIR-ee-an) Someone who doesn't eat meat.

Vitamin: (Vitamin) An organic compound essential for normal health.

Vitamin A: (Vitamin A) see vitamin A encyclopedia entry

Vitamin B-6: (Vitamin B-6) see vitamin B-6 encyclopedia entry

Vitamin B-12:(Vitamin B-12) see vitamin B-12 encyclopedia entry

Vitamin C: (Vitamin C) see vitamin C encyclopedia entry

Vitamin D: (Vitamin D) see vitamin D encyclopedia entry

Vitamin E: (Vitamin E) see vitamin E encyclopedia entry

Vitamin K: (Vitamin K) see vitamin K encyclopedia entry

Vitreous: (VI-tree-us) The transparent, colorless mass of gel that lies behind the lens and in front of the retina in the eye.

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Water-soluble: (water SOLL-yoo-ball) Dissolves in water. Water-soluble vitamins like the B vitamins and vitamin C cannot be stored in the body.

White blood cells: (white blood cells) Blood cells without hemoglobin that enter tissues to fight infection.

White Willow: (white willow) see white willow encyclopedia entry

Wild Yam: (wild yam) see wild yam encyclopedia entry



Yohimbe: (yo-HIM-bay) see yohimbe encyclopedia entry


Zinc: (zink)An essential mineral used to make many enzymes and hormones. see zinc encyclopedia entry

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