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Castile Soap Uses: Our Top 21 Uses for Dr. Bronner's Soap
Lindsey Toth, MS, RD • July 27, 2020

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap
is an eco-friendly household staple made with natural ingredients and it has many uses for body and home. Castile soap is a liquid soap that works especially well when it comes to cleaning, but it also has a variety of personal and outdoor uses. It's available in many scents including lavender, tea tree, citrus and more. There are also unscented and mild versions suitable for sensitive skin.

How do you use castile soap? We did our research and asked our Facebook fans about the many ways Dr. Bronner’s soap can be used—here are the most popular uses we found, plus a few easy DIY recipes.

21 Uses for Castile Soap Infographic

Top 21 Uses for Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap

Personal Uses for Castile Soap

1. Face Wash: Add 2 or 3 drops to wet hands, and wash face as normal.

2. Body Wash: Squirt a small amount on a washcloth or loofah sponge to lather.2 A Facebook fan said it lasts longer than other shower gels she’s used, and it doesn't have harmful chemicals.

3. Shampoo: Put half a tablespoon in your hand and work into damp hair. Follow up with a conditioner to detangle. One Facebook fan said she always uses the peppermint scent for this as it helps invigorate the scalp.

4. Bath Soak: Use approximately 2 tablespoons of castile soap in an average tub and add a few drops of essential oil if desired.

5. Shaving Cream: Work a few drops of the soap into a lather, shave and rinse when done. Use approximately 10 drops for the face, three drops for underarms and a teaspoon for legs.

6. Toothpaste: Put 1 drop on a toothbrush and brush teeth as usual. Use the peppermint scent for minty fresh breath!

7. Foot Bath: Use 1½ teaspoon of castile soap in a bathtub or foot tub of warm water. Soak your feet and let the relaxation wash over you!

8. Clear Congestion: Add 1 tablespoon into a bowl of steaming hot water. Drape a towel over your head and breathe in the mist. The peppermint scent works especially well.

9. Deodorant: Add about 0.05 ounces to a spray bottle with 4.2 ounces of water. Also add a teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt for best results.

10. Aftershave: Add 1 or 2 drops in a spray bottle with 4.2 ounces of distilled water. Peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree work well. For sensitive skin, use the Baby Mild version.

Home Uses for Castile Soap

Making your own household cleaners, fruit and veggie rinse, dog shampoo and plant and insect sprays gives you the chance to control the ingredients you put in them. If you run out, simply make more!

11. Dish Soap: Add 1 ounce of soap to 10 ounces of water in a pump bottle and use to wash dishes.

12. Foaming Hand Soap: Mix 1/4 cup Dr. Bronner's with 1 cup water. Add the mixture to a foaming soap dispenser, and you're good to go!

13. Laundry: Use 1/3 to 1/2 cup soap for a large load in the washer. You may also mix with a cup of baking soda or Borax and dilute with water.3 One Facebook fan said the lavender scent works well. Another said it also works well as a pre-treatment for stains.

14. Floor Cleaner: Pour 1/2 cup into three gallons of hot water.

15. All-Purpose Cleaner: Pour 1/4 cup of soap into a quart of water in a spray bottle. One Facebook fan said this also works well as a bathtub cleaner.

16. Windows: Add 1 tablespoon castile soap to a quart of water in a spray bottle—follow up with pure club soda, or half vinegar/half water. Shake and spray onto your windows, and clean with newspaper for a streak-free finish. You may also add a few drops of Swanson Ultra Tea Tree Oil.

17. Toilet Cleaner: Mix 1/4 cup with 1 3/4 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Also add 8-10 drops of essential oils. Pour all ingredients in a 16 oz. or larger squirt bottle, and shake to mix. Squirt in the toilet bowl and use a brush to scrub it clean.

18. Fruit & Veggie Rinse: Add approximately ¼ teaspoon soap to bowl of water and dunk produce. Swish and rinse in clear water or half vinegar/half water

19. Dog Washing: Wet your dog, and work in a little soap at a time until there’s a good lather. The amount of soap varies depending on the size of the dog, hair type/length and dirtiness. Rinse.

20. Plant Spray for Bugs: Use 1 tablespoon in a quart of water, add 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper or cinnamon if desired—add to a spray bottle & spray on plants.

21. Ant Spray: Add 1/4 cup of tea tree soap to a quart of water and stir to mix. Spray indoors or outdoors, wherever ants are accumulating. Do not use on plants, as this concentration will burn plants!4

DIY Dr. Bronner's Recipes:

Before we dive into the DIY recipes, keep in mind that castile soap must be used correctly, so avoid mixing it with vinegar or other acids like lemon because the acidity would cancel out the castile soap, which is the base.5

1 Coconut Shampoo

Combine all ingredients in a shampoo bottle or jar and shake well to mix. You can keep it in the shower for up to one month. Shake before each use.

2 DIY Kitchen Wipes

Cut the old t-shirt into rag-size cloths. Mix water, soap and essential oil into the jar. Place rags into the jar and close the lid. Soak the rags by turning the jar upside down a few times with the lid on. After, wash the cloths and return them to the jar for multiple uses.

3 Moisturizing Hand Soap

Pour castile soap and coconut oil into bottle. Add essential oils. Fill the rest of the way with water, leaving room for the foaming pump. Screw on the pump top and swirl the container a few times.

Have you tried using Dr. Bronner’s soaps? If so, what’s your favorite scent, and how do you use castile soap? And if you enjoyed this article, you may also like Tips for Detoxing Your Home, Plus Natural & DIY Cleaning Products and Your Guide to a Hygge Home.

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