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Grandpa Soap Co.

Pine Tar Soap

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In Stock
4.25 oz Bar(s)
  • Contains special vegetable pine tar oil that cleanses, moisturizes and deodorizes

  • No added colors or fragrances

Grandpa's original Pine Tar quality, natural soap is loved so much by our long-time customers that we had to bring it back. Crafted with old-world wisdom from all-natural materials, Grandpa's original Pine Tar Soap cleans and moisturizes your skin with naturally invigorating pine tar, a powerful all-purpose cleanser with a one-of-a-kind fresh scent. Try it once, and you'll be hooked!

Grandpa Soap Co. Pine Tar Soap Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Pine Tar Soap 4.5 5 24 24
Great soap at a very good price. January 23, 2014
Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap I like this soap! It has a rather enjoyable and clean smell to me. You can smell it as soon as you walk in the bathroom. Lathers up nice and doesn't dry or make your skin feel oily. It is definitely a manly soap. I do like the fact that it doesn't smell like perfume and also does not smell like a tar pit! There is a reason it's been around for so many years, It's a quality product. January 16, 2014
pine tar soap This SOAP is the best soap that i have used it cleans right down to the skin quickly, lathers up quickly, rinses off quickly, and doesn't leave any smell other than clean what more can you ask for? July 29, 2013
Found At Last This soap is phenominal. Only thing that has soothed and moisturised dry skin on face, scalp, and body for my husband and I. I so appreciate its natural ingredients and that I can now be rid of chemical-filled, expensive shampoos, body washes, and soaps. Rich lather, long-lasting bar. July 21, 2013
man soap Great soap for men, quality, thick lather that works well for whole body including hair, soothing rustic pine smell. I always have a few bars stocked up and alternate between this and nubian heritage soap. June 20, 2013
Best soap! I absolutely love this soap. It leaves my skin super fresh with a great earthy smell. I love that it's pine. As I feel it really does a great job cleaning. I'm a huge fan of pine products and natural products and you can't beat Swanson on prices. May 17, 2013
Great Soap I was hooked on this product from the first time I used it at a friends house. To be honest, I couldn't stop smelling my hands. I love the pine tar product and it is quite effective! April 8, 2013
Great little soap I love how it makes my husband smell. I like having a descent priced soap that is organic. April 2, 2013
Pine tar soap this is good soap it works well March 13, 2013
Love IT Okay, so I am a patchouli fan. This soap lathers beautifully, cleans really well, and smells wonderful. Sometimes after I wash my face I use alcohol on a cotton ball, there is always a trace of dirt..... not with Grandpa's soap. February 27, 2013
Love it! Free of the harsh chemicals and additives that are so common in many soaps, this soap is terrific for the skin. It rinses clean, leaving behind no itchy residue. The smell is a bit woodsy and maybe even a bit manly for my taste being a woman, but it's not as strong after rinsing but that's a small price to pay in avoiding painting my entire body in harsh chemicals each and every day. I use other products to smell flowery, needing my soap natural. Also, you cannot beat the Swanson price at a fraction of others in addition to the fast service/shipping! February 7, 2013
My favorite soap. I like to take navy showers but find many soaps are burning my face by the time I get to my feet. Not so with Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap, which produces a wonderful, rich lather, is mild, yet cleans as well as anything, bar or liquid, I've ever used. Strong aroma? Yes, but it dissipates soon enough and to me, at least, isn't at all objectionable. YMMV, but don't let negative comments scare you away. Swanson's price is the best you'll find. Add a bar to your next order, try it for awhile, and if you decide you don't like it you'll be out less than 3 bucks. On the other hand, you may just discover your new favorite soap. January 3, 2013
smells different, but lathers up well. I really like this soap, it gets me clean, clean, clean! September 21, 2012
Best Purchase Ever Love this soap ,my dad had ordered some and i tried it. the soap worked out well with me being in an chemical plant working , now all of my associates at work are hook on it, and i order it for them September 6, 2012
For the guys I bought this soap for the guys in the household. None have complained of an unpleasent scent. All agree it works well. January 31, 2012
Non Drying, Fresh and REAL scent! Gotta disagree with my friend here who claims that the smell of Grandpa's soap is reminiscent of rubber tires. The reality is, this smells like pine tar. A somewhat 'bitter' smell, for lack of a better word, piney for sure, but fresh and clean. Having said that, everyone is different, so your enjoyment of this product may vary, depending on how much you like real pine smells. Perhaps if you are expecting a Christmas tree smell you may be disappointed -- this is a pine tar based product, and will smell accordingly. Again, it's a complex scent, and rewarding to those who give it a chance. Now, as to it's effectiveness as a soap. Grandpa's is fantastic. It's cleansing without drying as a hand soap, and can be used sparingly on the face and other sensitive parts. I even used it in my hair to good effect. So yes -- I love this soap, and I don't care who knows it. Try a bar! November 8, 2011
Great for Laundry I make my own laundry soap out of baking soda wash soap, borax and this pine soap. I have tried other bar soaps in the mix but the pine soap makes my laundry cleaner. Whites are whiter. I dont care for the smell when it is in the bar from, but my laundry comes out smelling fresh with no perfume type smell. Just a clean smell. October 25, 2011
regarding the smell... Some folks have likened the smell of this soap to old tires....It depends on where you grew up, I think. Every single person I have given this soap to in Canada has LOVED the smell! It is exactly like a campfire built with pine logs. I live in Alberta, where it is ridiculously dry, and found that I can use this soap ten times a day without my hands turning into flaking paper. Thanks Grandpa! June 6, 2011
Hideous smell I was intrigued by the homespun name.Grandpas homemade soap...sounded like a warm hug. and these few reviews by folks who actually liked it...the one lady who said she likes the way it makes her smell 'different' ....geez,like a skunk it would be. This soap,I will not lie,smells up the entire bathroom and the entire House with an odor that smells like a tire factory. and it took 4 days for the scent to fade off my body. I smelled like a new rubber tire. Hideous. I also bought the corn soap from grandpa....also very disappointing....absolutely smelled of chemical fake fragrances,awful.threw it all away. I love quality soaps,natural soaps,made in france, etc. the kind you pay 8 dollars for . Grandpa s soaps were hideous. November 24, 2010
An acquired taste When I first took a whif of this soap I thought that it smelled like a smoky tire... While I know that sounds terrible the scent began to grow on me over time, although, I would probably not purchase again. I thought this soap was interesting and wanted to try it and have no regrets in doing so, some people love this soap so you may too. Different strokes for different folks. November 22, 2010
Not for me Although the pine tar soap makes a good lather and is kind to the skin, I am turned off by the "creosote-like" smell of it. I suppose it had something to do with my expectation that it would smell more like pine needles or turpentine, but also because I once lived across from a place that put creosote on railway ties. May 26, 2009
Great Product! I have alot of pets, (that need petting : ) and so I have to wash my hands dozens of times a day .... And living in the desert is hard on anyones skin to begin with ....So, I am very happy we can still buy the kinds of products our grandparents were smart enough to make, because I'm finding that Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap doesn't add to the dryness I had been experiencing before, (with other soaps) ..... In fact, it leaves my hands soft, clean, and feeling moisturized, no matter how many times a day I have to wash my hands! So, I am petting my pets more often, and using less lotion now too. February 4, 2009
Waiting to receive what I Know is good! I've been using Grand pa's Pine Tar soap for all of my walking life. I know how smooth my skin is; and I am awaiting my order shipment! It's not that easy to find in stores. My family all know the high quality! I'm gratefull " my own" grandpa started me up right a long time ago when I was so ... Young. I can hardly wait for my shipment to arrive! Sincerely , Grandad January 28, 2009
I'm addicted to this stuff I love this stuff. It's addictive. It's odd because it's brown and leaves a bit of dark residue in the soap dish but I don't mind. It smells so good and reminds me of driving up in upstate NY at night in the summer and smelling all the pine trees. It lathers up clear and is made from coconut oil which is very good for dry skin. Try it especially if you get dry winter skin (though when summer comes, you may not want to give it up.) January 26, 2008
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