Walnut Kale Pesto
by Swanson Health
Are you quite aware of how very versatile pesto is? One of our favorite side dishes involves mixing some nutritious beans with nutrient-dense kale pesto! You can try this pesto on your perfectly toasted artisan bread to impress your guests, slather it on your chicken breasts to fool your family into thinking you're far fancier than you really are, or just toss your pasta in it right before watching some foreign flicks to embrace your faux Italian heritage! No matter which route you want to take, just be tickled when you know you’re combining some serious nutrients from extra virgin olive oil, kale and walnuts. Isn't it just bliss when you can whip something up in a matter of minutes and know it’s high in protein, fiber and, most importantly, full of flavor? Go on, be inventive!
Time: 15
Serves: 4
Serving size: 1/4 cup
Nutrition facts (per serving):