Pita Bread
by Swanson Health
Looking for a healthy alternative to calorie-filled pizza crust or sandwich bread? Look no further than Pita Bread! The blogger behind Sizzling Veggies shared this fabulous recipe with us. While there aren't any veggies in the actual recipe, it's easy to pack the veggies inside the Pita Bread, or stack them on top. Pita Bread makes a fabulous base for pizza, and this recipe makes it easy for everyone in the family to create their own individual culinary wonder! Pita Bread also pairs nicely with hummus for a healthy treat. You can even fill the Pitas with sandwich toppings like lettuce, chicken, cheese and a dressing. This recipe makes light, fluffy yet durable Pitas, perfect for filling or topping with your favorite ingredients. Let your hungry imagination run wild!
Time: 120
Serves: 8
Serving size: 1 pita
Nutrition facts (per serving):