High Protein Apple Pie Chia Pudding
by Ashley Sornsin
Low Carb
Low Fat
Low Sodium
Apple pie chia pudding is the perfect make-ahead breakfast or snack that’s healthy and tastes just like apple pie. This easy to make recipe is perfect for busy mornings—just prepare the night before and you’ve got a delicious, high-protein breakfast ready to go! Using a large mason jar makes for an easy way to make this recipe. Just add all the ingredients to the jar (save the chopped apple for the topping though) and shake to combine. Yes, it’s really that easy.
Chia seeds are tiny, but they are powerhouses of nutrition. They’re a great source of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The addition of Swanson’s organic pea protein powder turns this into a high-protein pudding that’s perfect to keep your body fueled for a busy day.
Time: 30 min
Serves: 2
Serving size: 6 oz
Nutrition facts (per serving):