Blueberry Scones
by Swanson Health
Admit it—sometimes you simply don't have the time or energy to make a breakfast you can be proud of. So how about Sunday evening, when you're relaxing, you whip up some healthy Blueberry Scones that everyone in your family will devour? These tasty morsels are great for a quick breakfast, morning snack or even something to indulge that sweet tooth. We felt it was about time this traditional favorite got the Swanson spin to make it into a treat you can feel good about eating! These blueberry scones are even better than the ones you're used to because they're made with coconut oil and almond milk. They are perfectly crumbly and perfectly delicious. Who said healthy can't taste good? One batch will make about 12 scones, and they only take 16-18 minutes to bake. Give these blueberry scones a whirl and you will not be disappointed!
Time: 45
Serves: 12
Serving size: 1 scone
Nutrition facts (per serving):