Ancho Pomegranate Pulled Brisket Tacos
by Swanson Health
Take taco night up a few notches with Ancho Pomegranate Pulled Brisket Tacos. This shredded brisket recipe comes to us courtesy of Alejandra from the Always Order Dessert blog. A combination of spices for a beef rub makes the brisket shine with a savory, slightly spicy and sweet taste. Slowly cooking the beef in a pomegranate-based liquid blend allows it to stay tender, juicy and flavorful, while making it easy to pull apart. Ancho Pomegranate Pulled Brisket Tacos are great for large parties or family gatherings. You can also freeze leftover meat so you can enjoy these tacos anytime.
Time: 180
Serves: 21
Serving size: 1/8 cup
Nutrition facts (per serving):