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What’s the Secret Ingredient for the Best Eye Cream?
Swanson Staff • May 25, 2021

Top Eye Cream Ingredient Revealed

A morning coffee routine works wonders for the mind, but did you know that this bountiful brew can also bring benefits to your skin care regimen?

Coffee is comin’ in hot as the secret ingredient for crafting the best eye cream. Its caffeinated properties create the perfect solution for tightening sensitive skin around the eyes for a more youthful appearance, and the best part?

You can make your own coffee eye cream in the comfort of your home!

What Benefits Does Coffee Bring to Eye Cream?

One of the main reasons people turn to coffee to start their day is because of the effects it can have on our energy levels. Caffeine is the naturally occurring stimulant which gives coffee that “kick” of energy we all know and love to get us through groggy mornings.

But caffeine also provides some energizing benefits for our skin care too. The caffeine in coffee beans provides helpful antioxidants to help defend against free radicals and support a youthful appearance.

Coffee also contains polyphenols which may contain calming properties along with antioxidants to help support skin health.1 These protective properties may help rejuvenate and refresh the sensitive skin under your eyes to give you a brighter look.

How to Make Your Own Coffee-Infused Eye Cream

This caffeine-infused cream helps renew tired eyes and has a wonderful cooling effect when kept in the refrigerator. The nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter helps soothe skin while the coffee-infused oil helps tighten it and promote a youthful appearance.

Note: You can customize this recipe by adding three tablespoons of beeswax to make it settle as more of a balm, or add a few drops of skin-friendly essential oils like chamomile or lavender.



  1. Add coffee grounds and coconut oil to pot and heat on stove for 25 minutes on low, stirring occasionally
  2. Strain with a coffee filter and set coffee-infused oil aside
  3. Microwave shea and cocoa butter in microwave-safe bowl for 45 seconds or until melted
  4. Add jojoba, hemp seed, vitamin E and coffee-infused oil to melted shea and cocoa butter mix, stir until combined
  5. Pour mixture into container with lid and store in refrigerator until mixture is set

You can use this DIY coffee eye cream 1-2 times per day, no need to rinse after using. Be sure to keep water out of the container and store in the fridge to get the most out of your product, it should last from eight months to a year if stored correctly.

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This recipe may include essential oils. We recommend handling essential oils with care and following any usage, safety guidelines and drug interaction warnings on the label. Testing for skin sensitivity is important before using, and we recommend people consult a doctor, especially if they are pregnant, to discuss what is safe for their individual needs.


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