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Thai Deodorant Stone

Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist

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8 oz Liquid
  • Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist from Deodorant Stones of America

  • Made from natural mineral salts

  • 24 hour odor protection

Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist from Deodorant Stones of America (DSA) is a liquid deodorant spray made from natural mineral salts. These are the same salts that are found in DSA's deodorant stones. 100% pure and natural, it's a deodorant that is good for you and the environment. It eliminates body and foot odor and offers 24 hour protection. Unscented and non-staining. Non-aerosol. Aluminum free. Hypoallergenic. No alcohol. Ozone friendly. No parabens or propyls.

Product Label

Ingredients: Mineral salts and purified water.

To use: Pump 4 to 6 sprays under each arm.

NOTE: If fine mist sprayer becomes clogged or fails to spray, rinse spray tube with hot water to clear clog.

Can also be used as an all over body spray, including as a foot spray to eliminate foot and shoe odors.

Ozone Friendly · Natural Protection · Kills Odor Causing Bacteria · No animal testing or by-products. · Unscented/Non-Staining · No Parabens · No Propyls

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Thai Deodorant Stone Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist 4.7 5 17 19
Not what reviews say! This deodorant is eneffective. It does not protect at all. Please save your money and invest in something else. This doesn't work at all. March 12, 2014
disappointed:( I had high hopes for this product, but I think I will stay with the Thai Stick from now on. The sprayer gets clogged up, and when it does work, the spray runs down my side quickly. It does not seem to be as effective as the stick either. One thing I learned from the company is that when you run out of spray, you can refill the bottle with distilled water and start all over again, so that is a plus for people on a tight budget. February 23, 2014
Awesome!!! I will never go back to using regular deodorants/antiperspirants. This product is the best ever. My underarms were as fresh at 7p as they were at 6a. Really awesome product. February 11, 2014
Really works! I have been using this product for the past 6 months and really love it. It is very effective both for underarms as well as for feet. It does last a very long time. I am still on my first bottle. February 4, 2014
Good Value I use this because of sensitive skin issues. The cost value is just an added blessing. January 11, 2014
It actually works?! Wow, I was not expecting a lot from what is essentially salt-water. But it did. I'm guessing this is not a low concentration of salt, and it's also not your every-day table salt either. Spoiler alert! (Ha, ha! Get it? Stinky armpits?.... Sorry.# My armpits were stinky, seemingly hopelessly too, as I have tried other deodorants, but I had a bad reaction to one that was even natural, but not this one. I managed to pass the wife test, # poor wife#, and I couldn't believe it at first. I smell much better while wearing this all day. I have had no reaction, like a rash, as far as I can tell. My only 2 minor complaints is that the suggested number of squirts in each armpit is 4-6 times, # I probably need at least 6#, and that the squirt handle is kind of uncomfortable to use. This has not been enough to keep me from using it. Final thoughts: If you want what is in my opinion, one of the most effective deodorants on the market with minimal ingredients, #2, and natural, I might add), here is something to consider. =) November 21, 2013
I never thought I'd rave over a deodorant spray This stuff is brilliant! Inspired! Yes, it works!! I forsook conventional deodorants/antiperspirants long ago, but as anyone who has tried the natural alternatives knows, it can be almost impossible to be (or stay) completely odor-free. To make things worse, I started having issues with b.o. during my third pregnancy (lovely hormones), and although I didn't knock people sideways when I passed them in the grocery store, I was not happy with the state of affairs. The best product I had used was the Thai crystal deodorant stone, but even that didn't work completely. The spray mist, however, is a revelation!! It is easier to use than the stone and I am blissfully odor-free! Even after exercising! Even after wearing a polyester-blend top! Even while breastfeeding (more hormones)! And the bottle is HUGE. It might last me a year. You cannot beat Thai deodorant mist, I'm telling you. Wholeheartedly recommended!! November 20, 2013
great product We have been using this for a few years. I buy a more expensive scented brand sometimes and add a bit of it to this to make a nice scent. It works well and is easier to use than the stones we used to use. November 15, 2013
Naturally Perfect Finally a natural deodorant that really works! After trying several herb / aloe / flower types that failed miserably, I ordered the Thai crystal deodorant mist. I was amazed at the effectiveness! It certainly does give 24 hour protection. I will continue to use this product permanently. November 4, 2013
I would recommend this to anyone I've looked for a long time to have both an effective and free of chemical deodorant that works. I was amazed when I found that this product not only works best then other deodorant while free of toxins but it will also easily last 6 months to add to this, you can even have the whole family use it because it's a spray. Best yet, look at the price! It is CHEAPER then anything in store. I bought this 2 months ago because mine was running out, I have yet to need the newer one I bought, it could last way more then 6 months. This is a life-long must. November 1, 2013
Unreal! This stuff works! I was skeptical at first because I'm used to the commercial deodorants but I spritz this on and there is no odor for the whole day. October 9, 2013
Great Best natural deodorant I've tried. August 9, 2013
Can I buy it by the gallon? This spray is fantastic! Being a busy mom/wife/student on the go, I don't always have time for a shower; I use this spray and have never had to worry about odor. I have a son in the Army who uses this on his body armor, which is usually really stinky from sweat, he also used it when he was out in the field for 3 weeks with no shower and said that he didn't stink at all. I have one son who uses it in his shoes and on his feet and we are ALL thankful for that. One thing I've noticed is that the nozzle will quit working; I just have to soak it in some water to dissolve any salt crystals stuck in there and then it sprays again just fine. July 25, 2013
Best TRULY natural deodorant! I have tried several "natural deodorants" that weren't really so, and I have tried to make my own deodorants using recipes I found on the internet. And, they didn't work. This Thai crystal deodorant mist is a lifesaver, literally! Ingredients: mineral salts and purified water. It is aluminum free, non staining (true!), no alcohol, etc. You can spray it on your feet, under your arms.. The trick to its effectiveness is to apply right out of the shower, before you have a chance to sweat. Now, I tested it in 100 plus degree weather, through Zumba, and here's how it worked... I did perspire in the hot weather and during Zumba, but that's expected. I usually sweat through the Dove high aluminum content deodorant I used to use too. I had to reapply once during the day. Also had to do that with Dove deodorant. Here is the difference: when I perspired through the Thai crystal deodorant, it had no odor (I wasn't stinky, and there was less perspiration). With Dove deodorant, I would be stinky and have more perspiration come through (sounds lovely, I know). Dove also leaves streaks on my clothes, and the crystal deodorant doesn't. During regular indoor activities, I did not have a problem at all with perspiration or odor (with the Thai crystal deodorant mist). Some people may have tried the crystal deodorant stone in the past, I know I have, and I hated it. The Thai crystal mist is NOT the same thing. First of all, it works. It's aluminum free (some crystal deodorants are not). Most importantly for me, its actually as natural as I think I am going to get (without going full deodorant commando-not very nice for the people around me!). I love the Thai crystal mist, I really do. It dries fast, it's not greasy at all, it left no residue at all on my clothing, and it works as well or better than traditional deodorants without the junk ingredients. Give it a chance! Amazon's return policy is fantastic, but I don't think you will be returning this one! There is just no excuse to keep smearing those aluminum loaded deodorants under your arms when this crystal mist works just as well or better! June 14, 2013
Best Price and Trusted Product I've been using this brand of product for at least 30 years. I started with the stone and then moved to the spray which is more convenient to apply. Prior to that, I tried other popular brand-named deodorants/antiperspirants, but the aluminum compounds gave me an underarm rash. This has been a lifesaver for me and lasts all day, even when I've worked out at the gym. Most of all, Swanson has the best price of all the stores where I have purchased this item. October 13, 2012
Yeah! A natural Deoderant that Works! Love this! Have tried all kinds of natural deoderants only to be sorely disappointed with effectiveness, fragrances and cost! This is awesome because it works, if fragrance free and is affordable! September 22, 2012
Love This! I always use mineral or natural deodorants in the winter to give my body a break. Have to use regular ones in summer because I perspire a lot and don't want to offend. I use this as a deodorant and body spray. It is wonderful. If I won't be very active I use it for an underarm deodorant and it is effective. It sprays out in a fine mist so it does not drip as much as the regular crystal spray. I can mist it all over including all the stinky points on the body that can be offensive in hot weather. It does not cause itching or irritation. It is a great value because it is about twice the size of the crystal spray and the mist means none is wasted dripping down your arm. I have no issues with this product. Hope it will be available for a long time, I will purchase again and recomend to friends. July 8, 2012
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