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Manufacturing and Vendor Qualification

Swanson Health Products utilizes a number of outside vendors in addition to our in-house manufacturing capabilities in order to provide our customers with a great selection of high quality, cost effective products. As we take the quality of our product very seriously, we have put significant resources toward ensuring we only partner with the highest quality vendors for raw materials and finished products.

How We Choose Our Vendors

Our vendor qualification process has been developed to ensure that we partner with only the highest quality vendors to provide us with raw materials and finished products. Prior to approving a vendor to supply us with raw materials or finished product, we require that the vendor provide us with a detailed overview of their organization, their views on the role quality plays in their organization and documentation such as standard operating procedures, test results and third party audit results to prove it.

Our Quality Assurance team reviews this documentation to ensure it meets our rigorous standards and also performs extensive research on the company, looking for complaints, recalls, reviews and other information to determine if the vendor is reputable. Finally, all finished good vendors must submit to an on-site audit by several members of our own Quality team prior to receiving approval. Depending on facility size, the on-site audit may take several days to complete.

If the vendor is not able to meet our quality standards for any reason, at any point during the process, the vendor is not approved for use.

Once a vendor is qualified, they are continually tested through our quality control processes to ensure the products they provide us are of the highest quality. These processes include visual, physical, analytical, microbial and organoleptic tests. A vendor may be disqualified at any time, for any reason, by our Quality team if products are not found to meet our standards.