T-Relief Pet Pain Arnica + 12

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T-Relief Pet Pain Arnica + 12

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T-Relief Pet Pain Arnica + 12
  • Product Details

    • Temporary relief of minor discomfort and swelling
    • Homeopathic pain relief blend for cats, dogs and other animals 
    • With arnica, calendula and more

    Find relief for your pet's pain with MediNatura T-Relief Pet Pain Arnica +12. This homeopathic formula features arnica, a popular ingredient for easing pain after injuries. It also includes 12 plant-based soothers such as chamomilla, belladonna and more to temporarily relieve minor discomfort and swelling of muscles and joints. Suitable for cats, dogs, horses and other animals.

  • Supplement Facts

    Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains: *Arnica montana 3X 150 mg, *Calendula officinalis 2X 10 mg, *Hamamelis virginiana 2X 10 mg, *Baptisia tinctoria 2X 6 mg, *Bellis perennis 2X 6 mg, *Echinacea 2X 6 mg, *Aconitum napellus 3X 30 mg, *Chamomilla 2X 3 mg, Millefolium 2X 2 mg, *Belladonna 3X 8 mg, *Hypericum perforatum 3x 8 mg, *Ruta graveolens 4X 10 mg, *Arnica montana 6X 21 mg, *Symphytum officinale 8X 24 mg, *Arnica montana 10X 6 mg

    *Natural Ingredient

    X is a homeopathic dilution.

    Inactive Ingredients: Lactose, Magnesium stearate

    Indication: Provides temporary relief from minor discomfort and swelling of the muscles, joints, hips due to injury, joint problems, overexertion, etc.

    Directions: Administer directly into the mouth with a little water preferably between meals. If this is difficult, crushed tablets can be mixed with a small amount of water or food.

    Dose: 3 times per day

    Cats and dogs

    • Newborn ½ tablet
    • Weaned 1 tablet
    • Adult Cat 1 tablet
    • Adult Dog 1-3 tablets


    • Foals 5 tablets
    • Adults 6 tablets

    Other animal consult your veterinarian

    Warnings: Do not use if known sensitivity to T-Relief™ Pet PAIN or any of its ingredients exists. If problems persist or worsen, contact a veterinarian.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Please retain outer carton for full product instructions.

    Tamper Evident: Use only if imprinted shrink band around neck and cap is intact

    Storage: Store at room temperature. Protect from light and moisture.

    SAFE FRO PETS: The natural medicines in this remedy are at safe homeopathic levels.

    Claims based on homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

    Made in a U.S. facility from global ingredients.


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