Dr. Tung's

Smart Floss - Natural Cardamom

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Dr. Tung's

Smart Floss - Natural Cardamom

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Smart Floss - Natural Cardamom
  • Product Details

    • Removes up to 55% more plaque
    • Naturally waxed
    • Great for braces & wide spaces

    Take your dental hygiene to the next level with Dr. Tung's® Smart Floss®. This unique floss stretches and cleans, removing up to 55% more plaque than average floss. The natural cardamom flavor leaves breath feeling fresh; and the stretching properties of the floss means it's gentler on gums and softer on fingers. This floss also works with braces and wide spaces. Natural plant and bees wax coating. Eco-friendly, recyclable container. No animal testing.

  • Supplement Facts


    Dimensions: 30yd / 27m

    Easy to Use:

    • Wrap 18" (45cm) of floss around fingers & draw tight.
    • It expands when moist!
    • Slide floss between teeth, curve it around tooth and clean between tooth and gum with gentle up and down motion.
    • Repeat using a clean section between each tooth.

    Also works with braces & wide spaces

    Made in Italy

    • Natural plant and bees wax coating
    • FREE of PTFE & PFAS
    • No animal testing
    • Gluten-Free & Non-GMO
    • Natural Cardamom Flavor


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