Aura Cacia

Oregano Pure Essential Oil

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Aura Cacia

Oregano Pure Essential Oil

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Oregano Pure Essential Oil
  • Product Details

    • Features an herbaceous, thyme-like aroma
    • Also known as Origanum vulgare
    • Single botanical

    Fill the air with the natural, herbaceous aroma of oregano with Aura Cacia® Oregano Pure Essential Oil. Oregano Pure Essential Oil can be enjoyed as an aromatherapy agent; or you can add a few drops to a tissue or cotton ball, which can then be used as an air cleanser. Aura Cacia Oregano Pure Essential Oil is grown in Spain.

  • Supplement Facts

    INGREDIENTS Origanum vulgare (oregano) oil.


    Drops per 1 oz (2 Tbsp) carrier

    • Face • 3
    • Body • 6
    • Home Care • 18
    • Diffusion • Follow device instructions

    Examples of carriers

    • Skin care oil
    • Unscented liquid soap or lotion
    • Witch hazel extract

    USE FOR Rallying a defensive stance.

    GOES WELL WITH Lavender, rosemary

    AROMA NOTE Leafy top note

    QUICK TIP Diffuse 18 drops to create a purified aroma.

    OREGANO ROOM SPRAY 24 drops oregano, 2 fl oz water. Combine in a spray bottle, shake well and spray into airspace.

    GROWN IN Spain

    • Single Botanical
    • No Synthetics
    • Tested for Authenticity
    • Not Tested on Animals
    • purifying


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