test-Vinpocetine Daily Dosage Recommendations
Vinpocetine Daily Dosage Recommendations
Swanson Health • July 9, 2012

Vinpocetine is a wonderful nutrient that helps a lot of people by supporting overall brain health including memory, focus, and general processing among other things. But it can get to be kind of confusing when you look at some of the details.

Most Vinpocetine products recommend only 10 mg, while some other herbs and nutrients for brain health have hundreds or even thousands of mg per dose… the reason is because the nutrients in this Periwinkle extract are so potent that you only need a few mg to see the benefits.

Most Vinpocetine supplements recommend between 1-3 pills of the 10 mg dose (or 1 of the 30 mg dose) with meals and that’s generally a good place to start. Some prefer to start with a lower dose like 1 of the 10 mg capsules per day just to see how their body responds to it. For example, if they are allergic to it, they’ll have less of a reaction by taking less, but this is rare. No matter if you start out slow or go right to the 30 mg per day, you’re sure to notice some of the good brain health support benefits of Vinpocetine in time.