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Swanson Ultra

Ultimate Carb Control C-120X White Kidney Bean Extract

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Tabs Size:
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2 mg 90 Tabs

"I cannot believe how wonderful this works ... until now have not found anything that would help me keep the belly fat off despite of a careful diet. This supplement started working the very first time i took it." ~ product review by mylilshiba

  • Neutralizes up to 75 grams of carbohydrates per tablet

  • Safe and effective with no gas or bloating

  • Most potent carb blocker available today

Ultimate Carb Control C-120X effectively blocks amylase, the enzyme that is necessary to break down carbohydrates. Therefore, when one tablet of C-120X is taken with a meal, up to 75 grams of carbohydrates will remain undigested and pass through the GI tract much like fiber. You will still feel full, but because the carbohydrates are not digested and absorbed, you avoid the problems normally associated with a high carbohydrate meal.

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Product Label

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Tablet

  Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Phaseolamin [from purified white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) extract] 2 mg *

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber), enteric coating (shellac, triethylcitrate, hyroxypropylmethylcellulose, potassium aluminum silicate), titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, silica.

Suggested use:: As a dietary supplement, take one tablet with each meal. Two tablets may be taken with meals high in carbohydrates.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

Swanson Ultra Ultimate Carb Control C-120X White Kidney Bean Extract Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Ultimate Carb Control C-120X White Kidney Bean Extract 4.3 5 94 100
Actually Works- Try It!!! I like and eat a lot of carbs. I can honestly say that I have monitored the effectiveness of C-120X for the last 3 months. I have not lost weight as that happened before I started taking the product. But I swear it has helped me maintain the loss. It does truly appear to neutralize the sugars and carbs when eating pasta, rice, oatmeal and other Cereals. I would wholeheartedly encourage anybody with weight issues and weigh in on this product as it may turn out to be one of the most important weight loss products in the market (despite being not heavily marketed). It is also A GREAT deal smaller and easier to swallow than regular Phase 2. Interested to hear from people who are actually monitoring results. December 15, 2013
Amazing This supplement is amazing!! I cannot believe how wonderful this works, i am middle age and until now have not found anything that would help me keep the belly fat off despite of a careful diet. This supplement started working the very first time i took it and for those that say it didnt work for them. We are all different and what works for one person may not for another, just common sense! November 26, 2013
Awesome Product! This stuff is amazing, I am 46yrs old and always watched my weight but with middle age setting in, I have found as many others the struggle of trying to keep belly fat off. Tried many products and nothing moved the additional 10lbs I wanted to lose until I added this product. This has increased the activaty in my digestive tract immensely and the weight is just peeling off. I take two with evey meal. As for others saying it doesnt work, remember everyones chemical make up is differant and what works for one may not for others as with any medication or supplement you take, common sense!! Thank You Swansons for this product. November 24, 2013
READ THE FINE PRINT Of course white kidney bean extract works as a carb blocker. It has for years. Just be sure to read the fine print on this product's label under ingredients. Aluminum? What's the point of that? Buyer beware. September 28, 2013
natural carb control i take one w/each "carb" meal to help w/carb blocking September 9, 2013
Swanson Ultra Ultimate Carb Control C-120X White K I have been using this product for several years and love it. It helps me maintain my weight by using before a dessert, I use this along with Chiltosan when I want to go off my diet without too much guilt. August 21, 2013
Ultimate Carb ControlC-120X I have been taking this for 2-3 years now & this supplement works great for me . How do I know because when I have stopped it I can tell a big difference. This product is amazing & I would recommend you try it! But, one thing every one had to remember every person is different & only by trying can you see if it works for you! July 28, 2013
Swanson Ultra Swanson's Ultra Ultimate Carb Control really works! At first I was very skeptical but after trying it for a few weeks, I actually lost 5 pounds. I am a 50 year old woman and as I age I have learned that eating carbs quickly make me pack on the pounds. I have resorted to strictly limiting my carbs in my diet. After trying Ultra Carb Control, I can now eat more carbs and not gain the weight. I love this product! July 28, 2013
Poor quality control I ordered 4 bottles to stock up in May 2013. They sent me products that were manufactured in 11/2011 which means I have 6 months to use them all. I buy in bulk, I still have 3 more bottles so I probably won't need the new ones until November of 2013. I returned them for a refund and wrote to tell them to send out new products. Three months later I tried restocking them again and they sent me the same stuff that was manufactured in 11/2011 which means I have 4-5 months to finish them. I think this is VERY bad practice and bad QA. July 12, 2013
Hello Carbs I have taken quite a few different carb control products. These tiny little pills outweigh all the others. They are so easy to take and allow me to enjoy my splurges. July 8, 2013
great product this is a great product. have used I quite a while and find it has helped me to take off half of the extra poundage I put on because of surgery. I take as directed and have really seen a difference. I was having a difficult time losing before taking product and this helped. July 3, 2013
lose weight Tiny pill, easy to swallow, usually only need one, works to contain carbs. Lost 21 lbs since using it. July 2, 2013
Works when used in a complete program While I believe this product does help a little. I think as an aid its okay. If your are looking to use this as a weight loss product you may have to give that some thought. There are no magic pills. This product is best bought on sale and it is pricey. I believe it helps and works, but ultimately you get the most gains by doing the complete deal of eating right, working out in some manner, and using this as an aid. June 17, 2013
Surprsingly helpful I had a bottle of these left in my medicine cabinet from the past and decided to try them again and really monitor my results. I am very surprised at the result! After spending the past couple of months working diligently to take off twelve pounds. I decided to incorporate some carbohydrates back into my diet. By taking one or two of these little babies (depending on the amount of carbs I am eating), it enables be me to treat myself w/o gaining weight. I LOVE this product! May 26, 2013
It really works I started taking these a couple of years ago and they really help. I cut back eating carbs but when I do eat simple carbs, take one and it really helps to cut down on the amount of sugars from going into your blood stream. May 23, 2013
good product Been doing the lower carb diet thing for years and when I do load up on carbs, pasta,bread potatoes I'll take two before consumption and it does help. This will not make you lose weight, you still have to diet and get off your rear end and exercise.In away I just think it is over priced. Swanson runs two for one offers every month and I've been a customer for a long time and they had a twofer on this product just once. But still worth it. May 10, 2013
Ultimate Carb Control C-120X White Kidney Bean Ext I am pleased with the results. I am curious if this blocks nutrient absorption. May 2, 2013
Definitely Recommend I've been using this product for at least two years on an as needed basis. It definitely has helped me to maintain and control my weght. I just take one before/during/or after eating something that I might want to splurge on or when I have those pasta cravings. You do not have to take this product prior to eating and it's easy to carry a few in your purse. April 22, 2013
Swanson Quality My husband and I take this as part of a low carb diet. We have been using this for a few years now and are happy with the results. April 17, 2013
carb control At this time I have not seen any change March 31, 2013
Easy and Effective. I like that you take these right before you have an urge to eat something high in carbs. You don't have to wait 30 min. Sometimes you just can't wait and it is great to have this available. March 14, 2013
carb control I don't know if I have taken it long enough to know for sure but it really doesn't seem to be working. Give me a while longer. February 17, 2013
Small, easy to take, effective I have used these little pills for carb control for several years. They are so small that I find it easy to take one even without liquid so I can use them anyplace at any time when I am going to have a HIGH CARB meal. I effectively lost weight using them... enough that my doctor ASKED what I had done to lose that much weight (about 25 pounds) between visits. Had I not had a satisfactory explanation, tests would have been ordered to see if there was a problem. I had a friend challenge me about "HOW" I knew that they controlled carbs for me... so I did an experiment using about six different food items... candy, pasta, rice, potatoes, chocolate cake, & pecan pie. I would eat equal portions (one cup, one 3" piece, one bar) with and without using a c-120x tablet on different days & a few days apart. To see if my carb intake was affected, I checked blood glucose before eating the food serving... and 2 hours after eating the item. In every case (to a varying extent) the indications were that I absorbed fewer carbs into my system using the pill than I absorbed when I did not use the pill. February 14, 2013
This really works My husband bought the Ultimate Carb Control C-120X extract just a few days ago and With diet and exercise, my stomach has been shrinking. The tiny tabs. are so small it is so easy to swallow. By the way, I am a new customer and I cannot believe this pill works so well. First day I took the pill, I felt full and I ate less food. After I ate I felt very full but comfortable. You have no problems with stomach aches. You feel very satisfied with eating smaller portions. I would certainly refer this product to friends and family. I also bought the ultimate apple cider vinegar pills, but have not received them yet. I cannot hardly wait to take them. I know I will have great results. I will keep you informed. Thank you Swanson for cheap prices and excellent products. February 8, 2013
great small easy to take and obviously effective as i have over indulge sometimes in carbs and have not gained weight as i normally do when i don't take this" January 29, 2013
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