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Testing for Purity and Potency

Swanson Health Products is committed to making quality products. By following strict guidelines, we ensure our products are carefully and rigorously tested for both purity and potency.


Quality Control

Jeffrey Backous

Analytical Chemist

Quality Control

Rubi Guttierez Salcido

Laboratory Technician

Quality Control

Whitney Coler

Analytical Chemist

Contract Manufacturers

All products that have vitamins, minerals, standardized botanicals—"botanicals" being products made from any part of a plant—and extracts are tested on a rotational basis for these specific ingredient label claims. Products that have non-standardized botanicals as an ingredient will not be tested because the products are deemed non-testable due to the lack of the standardized extract within the botanical.

The products received from our contract manufacturers are tested for finished product label claims using an independent third party lab (Contract Labs). Most of these labs are ISO 17025 Certified. ISO/IEC 17025 is the standard accreditation most labs must hold in order to be deemed technically competent. Laboratories use ISO/IEC 17025 to implement a quality system aimed at improving their ability to consistently produce valid results.

SHP Manufacturing

All raw material ingredients (active and excipients) used for products encapsulated in-house by Swanson Health Products are always tested. These tests are either completed by our contract lab or our in-house lab. Tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Purity (HPLC)
  • ID (FTIR or HPTLC)
  • Potency (HPLC)
  • Micros (Biolumix)
  • Heavy metals (ICP-MS)

Finished product testing (label claim) also occurs on items encapsulated by SHP. They are sent to either our contract lab or our in-house lab.