Energy level health concern

Energy may be our most precious commodity. Not the kind of energy that is produced from oil and fuels our cars, but the kind that is generated in our cells and provides vitality for living. This kind of energy is closely linked with health. Do you recall words of wisdom from the previous generation  “If you have your health, you have everything?” Though we likely didn’t realize it at the time, they knew what they were talking about.

Common Causes

  • Protein deficiency—Individuals who crave carbohydrates like bread and pasta are often deficient in protein. Protein provides the amino acids from which enzymes and tissues of the body are made, however, and without sufficient amounts of it, you will lack energy. If you don’t really like meat, try one of the protein powders made from whey or soy. And throw in some bee pollen granules for a real boost!
  • Too much sugar—Sugar taxes your body in so many ways that it should be avoided at all costs, especially if low energy is an issue for you.
  • Poor nutrition—Keep reminding yourself “we are what we eat.” The food we eat at every meal is the only thing our bodies can use to regenerate new cells. When we munch on processed and fast food all day long, we leave our bodies with nothing good to utilize, and the resulting lack of energy should not surprise us.
  • Overuse of caffeine, drugs and alcohol—These substances completely exhaust the thyroid and adrenal glands, plus they tax the liver and kidneys, too. All our energy is then used to detoxify the body, leaving nothing in reserve so we feel tired. Plus these substances dehydrate the body, which also causes a feeling of fatigue.

Top 10 Supplements for Energy

Supplements are definitely worth consideration if your level of energy has been flagging. Some of them may work better for you than others, but give them all a try for noticeable energy and renewed vigor.

  1. ATP—ATP (adenosine triphosphate) serves as the major energy source within the cell to drive a number of biological processes such as muscle contraction and the synthesis of proteins.
  2. Ginseng—Both Korean and American ginsengs provide a feeling of balance and sustained energy. Ginseng works on nearly every bodily system, and it is called an adaptogen because it gives you the ability to adapt to stressful situations without crashing.
  3. Royal Jelly— Supplies key nutrients for energy and mental alertness.
  4. Lecithin—Naura Hayden’s best-selling book from the 1970s “Everything You Wanted to Know About Energy But Were Too Weak To Ask” spelled out in detail how lecithin revitalizes the body. Essentially, lecithin is found in the membranes of all cells, and it is necessary to control the flow of nutrients into the cells and waste material out of the cells.
  5. Bee Pollen—Provides a completely balanced profile of nutrients. It is a full-spectrum blood building and rejuvenating food, particularly beneficial for anyone in need of extra energy such as athletes. Two teaspoons daily is the usual dose.
  6. CoQ10—Works as a catalyst to convert the food we eat into ATP, the fuel that drives our cells and enables them to function.
  7. Eleuthero— Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this herb has been used by professional athletes to gain endurance.
  8. Gotu Kola—Stimulates the brain and nervous system with no jittery feelings whatsoever. It also tones the circulatory system.
  9. Vitamin B-12—Also known as cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B-12 is often referred to as the “energy” vitamin. Celebrities that perform onstage have been known to get B-12 shots before a performance when grueling schedules take a toll on their energy levels.
  10. Chorella—Due to the abundance of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other key nutrients provided by chlorella, your body will actually notice an increase in energy as your body assimilates this supplement.


Below are six proven ways to increase energy levels. Make sure to include all of them each day, and you may find yourself with a brand new lease on life.

  • Get sleep—Do not skimp on this necessary part of the day. We joke that we sleep away a third of our life, but it is time very well spent. During the hours of sleep our bodies make dozens of chemicals required to stay energized while we’re awake.
  • Massage—Stimulates circulation and speeds nutrients to all cells, which makes the whole body come alive. Plus it just feels great!
  • Aerobic activity—Replenishes oxygen in the tissues and stimulates endorphins.
  • Stretching—Stretch out for 5 minutes morning and evening to free up energy blocks.
  • Vitamin and minerals—Make sure you include foods that are high in vitamins B and C plus the mineral magnesium, which all are necessary for energy. What to eat? Fruit, vegetables, and whole grains fill the bill.
  • Water—Proper hydration is often the missing key to feeling energetic. The next time you start to sink, drink 8 ounces of pure bottled water and see if you don’t instantly feel revived.
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Dr. Stephen Langer's Ultimate 16 Strain Probioticwith FOS
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  • Due to supply issues, L. bulgaricus and B. infantis have been replaced by L. paracasei and L. gasseri

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