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Swanson Premium

MSM Powder

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16 oz (454 grams) Pwdr

"I have been using this for quite a while and am very satisfied with it. I put it in my morning juice and that's it. It is convenient for me and is very effective." ~product review by EMEWR

  • Powerful, all-natural joint tissue support

  • MSM encourages strong cartilage, tendons and ligaments

  • Powder mixes easily with water or juice for optimum support

Take care of your vital joint tissues the natural way with Swanson MSM. A biologically active form of the essential mineral sulfur, MSM delivers basic nourishment for the tissues that keep your joints working smoothly. It's also great for maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. Our convenient, ready-mix powder is an effective, highly bioavailable source of supplemental MSM.

Read what Prevention Magazine has to say about the health benefits of MSM.

Product Label

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Scoop (5 grams)

Servings Per Container 90

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 5 grams *

*Daily Value not established.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water or juice per day. Scoop included.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

Swanson Premium MSM Powder Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

MSM Powder 4.8 5 54 64
good source of sulfur Swanson's MSM powder is an excellent source of sulfur, an essential mineral. MSM is often targeted for joint health, but sulfur is used in numerous body processes -- it's as important as magnesium, potassium and other minerals. Swanson's is reasonably priced -- I like that it's available as a powder, which is more cost effective and doesn't contain the additives necessary for formulating tablets. The only downside is a somewhat bitter taste -- it might be unpleasant for some to take in water. I mix it in a banana/yogurt/vitamin C powder/multivitamin -mineral powder shake which tastes fine. April 4, 2014
Its pretty good I have been taking the MSM powder for about 3 weeks and I feel its doing fairly well. The only bad part is the taste. It tastes better if you mix it with hot lemon water and a splase of apple cider vinagar and then and only then it's not bitter. March 29, 2014
A lot for your money. As far as cost goes on the Swanson brands, I would say this is the best deal. Although not as convenient as taking a pill or capsule, I believe that it is a little cheaper than the bottles of those. When I first got this in the mail, I had to dig into the msm powder to get the tiny plastic serving scoop, which had settled near the bottom of the container. Once I freed the scoop from its dusty prison, I proceeded to take some in some water. I must warn you, msm in just water can be quite bitter, so maybe taking it with something sweet, like juice might lessen the 'blech' factor. Or maybe some water with a spoonful of agave nectar mixed in. Agave nectar has a low glycemic claim on some brand name labels by the way. Also, agave tastes kind of like corn-syrup, at least to me. Overall, I like the price-to-amount ratio the best here, but I am considering the pill-form to save on time after taking this for a few days now. But if you want the most msm for your money, here is a product to consider. February 27, 2014
MSM Powder Very easy method for consuming adequate doses of MSM. Great to add to any joint health stack in combination with Glucosamine/Chondroitin. November 30, 2013
Good Product It dissolves well which makes it easy to take. October 14, 2013
TAKE WITH 100% GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Wonderful product. I find that if you stir it in 100% grapefruit juice, it is a JOY to take. I find that red grapefruit is sweeter and I like it moreso with it than the white grapefruit juice but both are good. I DO NOT RECOMMEND A JUICE BLEND, because you can clearly taste the bitterness of the MSM, which makes this supplement hard to swallow. A good runner up is lemonade, but some of the bitterness of the MSM comes through. Still, it is palatable enough to not dred taking the supplement. Again, delicious with 100% grapefruit juice because you only taste the juice and not the bitterness of the supplement. Mixing it with something very sweet, like grape juice is an awful idea. October 9, 2013
getting off the couch easier As we age, we slow down and things that did not hurt yesterday are hurting today. Had a friend suggest getting this product, for three week I have added it to my morning shake. I am now riding my bike again. I am feeling 15 years younger! The taste is blended with my fruit so I can't taste it at all. It is easy to use and love the quality. October 6, 2013
Convenient I have been using this for quite a while and am very satisfied with it. I put it in my morning juice and that's it. It is convenient for me and is very effective. September 25, 2013
Good Reading the reviews helps me with my purchases, so I want to write a review. I took the capsules for about 2 months and didn't notice any changes. I read that to get enough MSM you need to take the powder. So I have been taking the powder for almost 2 weeks now. No noticeable difference yet, but I will write another review later to update. But I would like to add my opinion on HOW to take the powder. It is so bitter tasting!!! I could not get a whole glass down. So I found the easiest thing to do is put a scoop full into a tiny amount of water (like an ounce) and drink it like a shot. Much easier!!!! September 20, 2013
Good Stuff Can't find any cons with any of my purchases. I'm happy to find MSM at a decent price since I use it for myself and also put it in all my pet's water. September 7, 2013
EXCELLENT PRODUCT I add the MSM powder along with L-glutamine, lemon flavored Arginine and mint flavored Barley Max, into a few ounces of coconut water for a gr8 and powerful good tasting drink. Also, I just ordered from Swanson the powdered Vitamin C and will experiment adding that also. August 31, 2013
Best I have tried. After using several brands of MSM, I came back to this because it mixes best which helps with the taste if drinking with only water, which I do. August 18, 2013
MSM This stuff is the best for muscles and energy.......I put this in my drink every day and do feel better for it. August 16, 2013
great product love this product, it lets me add 5 grams of MSM to my diet twice a day with out taking a lot of pills. It is bitter though, but i add it to a smoothie or other drink and add some stevia to sweeten it.... it really helps my joints and i love that. great product thanks.... August 11, 2013
My skin loves this I use MSM in connection with Vitamin C in a drink I make every day. MSM is tasteless and dissolves easily--one scoop (5 gms) is perfect. The vitamin C makes the drink 'tangy' and gives me that extra boost of antioxidant. August 4, 2013
MSM Great Product and Great Price!! July 13, 2013
good stuff when combined with vita c&now l-glutamine great joint stabilizer July 7, 2013
GREAT VALUE FOR THE COST Great value for the cost and can be compared to more expensive brands. June 26, 2013
VERY GOOD BUY I have been taking this product for about a year now and feel it has been very beneficial to my body. It is easy to take as I add it to my morning vitamin drink. One of the small scoops that comes with it is very good for each day. June 19, 2013
Powder over capsules I was originally on this supplement, 3 scoops a day, with great results. Tastes bitter as heck if you don't have a good liquid-to-powder ratio, so don't try to cram more than one scoop into a full-sized beverage. Dissolves wonderfully with no clumps in the bottom of the glass. Switched to capsules for convenience and was on 4 a day and couldn't feel anything working so I'm back to the inconvenient powder but it's worth it. Great for hair/nails and mood as well, so I'm sold! Back to my 3 scoops and pleased overall. May 13, 2013
I have more energy now! I definitely feel better and have more energy thanks to this product! I would recommend starting out with 1gram or less and work your way up slowly. Do not use the 5gram scooper that comes in the container if you are a sensitive person. I mix this with 1gram of swanson's 100% Pure Vitamin C Powder and that takes care of the bitter taste. May 3, 2013
Bitter taste but effective whew! the taste is so bitter but one thing I like is that it gives me a good sleep. In comes to my hair I saw a couple inches grown. My advise for people who donot like a bitter taste just take the capsules. its fast and convenient. April 23, 2013
Love it! I took MSM for years, but I bought it in retail stores. Swanson's price and quality is the best in my area. Their MSM is finer in consistency and dissolves easily in liquids. I stopped taking MSM for a while and now I am glad I resumed. I feel better. My skin is glowing more. April 7, 2013
SUPER SULFUR MSM, MethylSulfonylMethane, is a Super Source of Sulfur so important to so many areas of the body from your skin, hair, and nails to your joints, liver, and immune system. This powder mixes nicely into your health cocktail of choice. I stir 1 or 2 scoops into my Super Vege Cocktail every morning. Don't even know it's there. Give it a month or two, and notice improvements throughout your body, as I have. Sulfur is one of the important nutrients in garlic, onions, chili peppers, and cruciferous vegetables that makes those foods so healthful and helpful to your entire system. You can read all about sulfur's therapeutic benefits everywhere online; lots of good / interesting / valuable material out there. Yes, most joint formulas contain MSM in addition to Gluc. and Cond; however, using MSM in this pure powder form gives you much, much more, so there is enough to work throughout your entire body. I recommend it to everyone, because I feel we all can benefit from what good amounts of sulfur do for our body and wellness. Give it a shot. April 1, 2013
My husband and I tried the MSM in pill form before we tried the powder. I can say without a doubt the powder form is way better and easier to use for the both of us. My husband usually adds both the powdered msm and vitamin c to water in which it completely dissolves and becomes almost like a sports drink. I like to take mine all at once and wash it down with water. Either way we find this product quick and easy to use and we both have seen many benefits since we started taking the MSM. March 30, 2013
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