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The Green Algae that’s Good For You — One Serving Could Change Your Life!

Chlorella is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, containing a full range of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, detoxifying chlorophyll and plenty of important phytochemicals.

Chlorella benefits the body with optimal nutrition for:

  • Maximum energy
  • Helping to protect cells from toxic substances
  • Supporting growth of healthy tissues
  • And it also helps keep you regular

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Are You Just a Lump of Fat and Sugar?

You are what you eat. We hear that all the time, starting from childhood all the way into our adult years. It's pretty much exactly true, but we've heard it so much that we tend to just shrug it off and forget about. What we need to do is take it seriously.

The foods we ingest are processed through a complicated chain of chemical reactions in our bodies, and the product of this processing is what nourishes the cells that make up our skin, hair, brain, heart, etc.

Far too many of us are just lumps of junk food, because the Standard American Diet ( sadly poetic is that acronym?) consists of processed and refined foods that lack essential nutrients. In other words, we are junk because we eat junk.

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Wish You Could Feel Better and Have More Energy?

Well, what are you eating? Are you consuming soda, fast food, breakfast from the bakery aisle and chips for an afternoon snack? It's all junk, so no wonder your body is responding with're not feeding it what it craves.

A common argument that gets tossed around when it comes to improving one's diet is that preparing healthy meals takes too much time. Indeed, a little effort usually needs to be put in to see good results, but that's the truth with most things in life.

However, there's good news. There is hope for all of us who lead hectic, fast-paced lifestyles and just can't seem to find time to eat right ALL of the time...

Chlorella review 2

Chlorella to the Rescue

Chlorella is a super food. It's a blue-green algae, or micro-algae, which sounds gross, but your body will love the nutrients it provides. In fact, it's one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Chlorella can make such a difference in the way you feel that we named it one of our 7 Basic Supplements for Good Health.

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What Does Chlorella Do?

  • Provides the Body with Nutrients for Maximum Energy
  • Helps Keep the Elimination Cycle Regular
  • Helps Nourish Cells Throughout Your Body
  • Keeps the Body and Breath Fresh and Clean Smelling

The best part for those of us living a busy life is that you don't need to completely change your habits to enjoy the benefits of chlorella. While it's true that excessive amounts of saturated fats and sugar negatively impact health, most of us aren't ready to part with ice-cream, cheese puffs or some other favorite treat. That's OK.

Gradually reduce your intake of these foods, while adding in a serving of chlorella every day. You'll likely begin to notice that when your body receives the nutrients it's been yearning for on a daily basis, cravings for the "bad" stuff significantly diminish.

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Worth $100 a pill!

Because of its numerous benefits, Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" and respected author of many nutritional books and websites, estimates that a single chlorella tablet would easily cost $100 if it could be patented.

Fortunately, chlorella is presently available for mere pennies a tablet. In fact, the independent source mentioned above cites Kyoto Chlorella from Swanson Health Products as the best value on the Internet today! Taking the maximum recommended dosage is one of the best ways to invest in your health.

Get the best from Swanson Vitamins

Thousands of Swanson customers already choose Kyoto brand Chlorella. With an 83% digestibility rate, it is regarded as outstanding by those who understand the nature of chlorella supplements. Additionally, the valuable nutrients haven't been harmed via heat during the careful processing of it.

If you haven't discovered chlorella for yourself, read what our customers have to say. Then think about how your life will change when you gain the energy and level of health that can only be achieved through the kind of sound nutrition found in chlorella!