Do You Know Your Numbers? Find Out Why Blood Pressure Matters.

Every time you visit your doctor, someone checks your blood pressure. Do you know what those numbers mean? This is the perfect opportunity to learn! What Is Blood Pressure? Simply put, blood pressure is...
Health News |

8 Fitness Tips for Heart Health

A healthy diet and exercise are great, as we all know. They’re important for a healthier lifestyle, but the benefits of exercising expand beyond healthy weight management. Fitness is also a great way...
Exercise & Fitness |

How Swanson Employees Are Having a Healthier 2017

It’s a new year and we want to help celebrate a healthier you! We asked the employees here at Swanson Health Products to talk about some simple steps they are taking to have a healthy 2017, and we’ll...
Healthy Home |

Manage 4 Common Vision Problems with These Solutions

Looking to protect your eye health? Start here! 1Eyestrain You know it when you feel it—tired, achy eyes from staring at your phone or computer too long or extended periods of time outside in bright...
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Too Much Screen Time: Top Tips for Protecting Your Vision

We’re now living in an ultra-connected, on-demand world dominated by screens. Everywhere you look there’s a TV or computer or cell phone staring back at you, and all that electronic light exposure,...
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Why Do I Need Probiotics?

Probiotics are one of the hottest topics in the health industry, and for good reason. Probiotics are now widely considered a staple for any daily regimen. These friendly bacteria work overtime for...
Vitamins & Supplements |

The Probiotic-Rich Foods You Need to Know About

One of the best things you can do to promote digestive health is fill up on probiotics through supplements or foods. Luckily, probiotic-rich foods are more widespread than ever thanks to the potential...
Vitamins & Supplements |

Add 1 Extra Ingredient to Make These Recipes Healthier

With so many big meals in a short span of time, the holidays can be quite a burden when it comes to food. Even if you want to eat healthier, sometimes it can be challenging to find healthy meals that...
Food & Nutrition |

9 Cheat Meals That Don’t Feel Like Cheating

It’s that time of year again. You’re eating better, making time for fitness and working on those little changes like drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Then it hits: You’re craving pizza,...
Food & Nutrition |

14 Green Cleaning Alternatives for a Happy, Healthy Home

Whether or not you enjoy cleaning, it’s hard to deny the uplifting power of a clean home. There’s just something about washed dishes, fresh laundry and swept floors that speaks to the simpler luxuries...
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Swanson Friday Five #118

The Swanson Friday Five - A quick look at five products that you can find at Be sure to click play and watch the video above. Below, you will find links to the five products...
New Products |

Does My Dog Really Need a Jacket? Winter Tips for Pet Parents

It goes without saying that winter is rough. Cold temperatures, lack of sunlight, dry air and poor driving conditions can all make the season a drag. Your dog struggles in the winter, too! Just...
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