Hi! I’m Raena

My earliest memories are wrapped in the aroma of bacon! The smell permeated our house when I was a child growing up in the South in the ‘50’s. In addition to bacon for breakfast, we fried everything in the leftover grease, which we saved in jars. We fried chicken in bacon grease, pork chops, and potatoes and then made gravy from the drippings! So, looking back on that, it is astonishing to me that I wound up in the field of natural health. Some natural inclination or intuition led me down a healthier path, thank goodness—hypertension and strokes are common in areas where that kind of fat is eaten on a regular basis. Now it’s good fat like olive oil, flax seed oil and EFAs that predominate in my diet, along with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals.

The big payoff for me at this stage of my life—early 60’s—is that all of my annual tests come out normal. Not only that, when I am asked the typical question during my exam: “And what medications are you taking?” I can smile and say, “NONE.” Thanks to the path I’m on of keeping my body healthy with the help of Mother Nature, and thanks to the information I gather from interviewing leading authors and scientists in this field for iHealthTube.com, I’m in the fortunate position of being drug-free.

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