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New Documentary Details the History and Benefits of Probiotics

When most of us hear the word bacteria, we respond negatively. From a very young age we were taught that bacteria make us sick and we must be vigilant to wipe them out. That’s an unfortunate perception, because bacteria—the oldest and most resilient organisms on earth—have as much power to help us as to harm us.

It’s time for a new understanding. That’s why my friend David Knight teamed up with award-winning documentary producer Ron Frank to create the first documentary on probiotics. Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics does a fantastic job of taking us “inside” the world of these beneficial bacteria in an entertaining, visually exciting film.

When David first told me about the film I was cautious—after all, how exciting can the science of beneficial bacteria be?—but I must say I am very impressed with this documentary. I can imagine turning on the Discovery Channel or PBS and seeing it in prime time. It’s a very engaging, well-produced movie.

In Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics, we learn about the discovery of beneficial bacteria, the roles they play within our bodies, how they are produced and tested, and what the latest research says about their potential to improve our lives.  Interviews with leading worldwide experts are presented in terms everyone can understand and the movie does a great job, as one reviewer put it, of “translating a large amount of complex science into a clear and compelling story.”

Check out the trailer below, and click here to purchase your own copy of this landmark documentary at (I realize this blog post sounds a lot like an advertisement; but honestly, it’s a very good film produced by my good friend David, and it deserves our support.)

Once you see this film you’ll understand why probiotics are popping up all over the place. From highly visible functional foods like Activia® yogurt to boundary-breaking innovations like Naked Pizza and of course, our own line of Swanson Probiotics and other supplements, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of these beneficial bugs. I take my own blend every day.

Have you tried Activia® or other probiotic-rich foods? What about supplements? Share your experience in the comment section and spread the word about Microwarriors, the movie, to your friends and loved ones. Let’s help raise awareness and encourage others to embrace beneficial bacteria as powerful allies in the quest for optimum health.


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