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New Products Highlight with Lee Swanson — April 2013

Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

Last month I took to the Swanson Health Blog to showcase a few of our new products for the month of March. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to show off our exciting new additions, so I think I will make this a regular feature here on the blog, as we have a lot new items coming out each month. And with that little introduction, let me get right to this month’s features...


Spring Cleaning Time

As spring arrives (or in our case here in Fargo, ND, tries to break free from winter’s cold grip), Swanson Health Products is here to help you get a jump on spring cleaning with a completely new brand lineup we’re calling Swanson Healthy Home. I’ve heard many requests from you for more eco-friendly products, specifically cleaning products, so I’m very excited about this new line.

These ultra-pure cleaning aids—liquid hand soap, fruit and vegetable wash, eco-friendly laundry soap (high efficiency compatible!) and liquid dish soap—are the result of our partnership with one of America’s leading producers of eco-friendly natural cleaning products. Swanson Healthy Home brings you the same all-natural quality and safety you expect from Swanson brand supplements in new products that help you care for your home just as you care for your body.


LuraLean®: A Better Dietary Fiber Supplement

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for something new and better. Well good news... In addition to the launch of our Healthy Home line, we’re introducing 12 new supplements this month, many of which are advancements of tried and true supplements you may already be using. First up is a new, advanced form of dietary fiber called LuraLean.

Patented LuraLean is a unique form of the popular fiber glucomannan extract from konjac root. It expands up to 200 times its original size, helping give you a great sense of fullness in your stomach. And compared with regular glucomannan, LuraLean’s unique characteristics allows it to maintain its structure throughout the GI tract instead of falling apart and losing its ability to carry excess oils and calories out of your system. See the graph illustrating this beneficial effect. The best part is this fiber supplement has over 60 clinical trials that demonstrate its effectiveness.


The Return of Organic Germanium

If you’re one of the many who have requested the return of GE-132 Organic Germanium, you’ll be pleased to find out that it has made its way back to! Patented GE-132 is a modern version of a classic Chinese tradition that dates back centuries. It was used as a natural immune system booster that helped protect the body from environmental stressors, and GE-132 carries on that tradition with safety in mind.


Something to Help You Sleep

I can’t say that I get a great night’s sleep every night. Many times my mind wants to keep working, or more often it’s my legs that want to keep me up and active. Our new Nighttime Leg Essentials harnesses the power of traditional herbs like butcher’s broom and valerian to promote healthy circulation, as well as key vitamins and minerals that support your muscles and nerves so you can rest easy. I’m very happy to be releasing this new formula, and I suspect it will quickly become a best seller.


Men’s Peak Performance is Back & Better than Ever

Finally today, I’d like to introduce—or reintroduce, as the case may be—a new and improved version of our wildly popular Men’s Peak Performance supplement. We reformulated this men’s sexual health product to enhance both the safety and efficacy of our original best-selling formula. Ultimate Men’s Peak Performance II contains no synthetic ingredients. Instead, we opted for 100% herbal ingredients to deliver the all-natural, stimulating support you’re looking for.


Our Continued Commitment to You

These last two highlights—GE-132 Organic Germanium and Men’s Peak Performance II—demonstrate our commitment to you, our valued customers. We’ve all experienced the indifference of today’s marketplace, where companies are increasingly difficult to reach and even more reluctant to act. My promise to you is that when you engage with Swanson—whether you call us up, send us an email or post a comment or request on our Facebook page—we will listen.

Swanson Health Products has operated with this customer-first philosophy since my father founded the company over 40 years ago, and I’m certainly not going to change that now. This is “the Swanson difference” and I thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to demonstrate it year after year.

As always, I wish you the very best of health,

Lee Swanson

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