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Clinical Use of Natural Products Is a Well-Kept Secret

While the press loves to argue the benefits of dietary supplements and natural products, the fact is that many of these same products have recognized clinical applications and are used in hospitals and clinics every day. Granted, these applications differ greatly from simple supplementation, but I think it’s an important fact that is kept quiet and “hidden” from the average consumer.

A recent interview with Dr. Thomas Levy in WholeFoods Magazine, a trade publication for natural products retailers, discusses the clinical uses and benefits of vitamin C, one of the most basic and most recognized dietary supplements in the world. Dr. Levy follows in the tradition of Nobel-prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling and has documented the clinical applications of vitamin C in numerous scholarly articles and popular, groundbreaking books over the course of his career. His latest book, Primal Panacea, updates and expands on his previous work. You can order a copy here.

I’ve followed the work of Dr. Pauling, Dr. Levy and others for decades, and I’m a firm believer in Vitamin C in all of its applications, from daily supplementation to critical care. It’s important to understand that one cannot truly draw parallels between clinical use and daily supplementation, and Swanson Health Products makes no claims for clinical effects for our vitamin C supplements; but I believe it’s equally important for consumers to know the true scope of natural products and their place in our modern healthcare system.

Click the links above to read Dr. Richard Passwater’s interview with Dr. Levy and order the book for yourself if you’d like to learn more. It’s ok to be skeptical, but as one reviewer on stated: “I wasn’t sure if I should buy this book….but I’m glad I did.”


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