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Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is coffee that you buy in its natural state, with all of the coffee beans still in the shell. In order to enjoy freshly ground coffee, the beans must first be roasted, and this normally takes place just before shipping. Once roasted, the coffee beans are packaged and shipped to a store or home. Whole bean coffee has all the essential oils intact, whereas ground coffee has had some of the oils removed. Since ground coffee has been ground for you, whole bean coffee is considered the “fresher” of the two. This difference is especially important when purchasing coffee from an online source, because once ground, coffee begins to lose its freshness within a matter of days. To get the most out of your whole bean coffee, we recommend storing your beans in an airtight container and grinding them about 2-3 days before you plan to use them. This way you’ll get to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of the beans, and your coffee.

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