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Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

Vitamin B-9 is a crucial prenatal vitamin. It supports cell growth, DNA synthesis and red blood cell production. It also helps your body use iron properly. Most people only think of folic acid as a prenatal supplement for women, but men need folic acid too. Our bodies use folic acid to help break down and use proteins, as well as to break down lipids and support healthy homocysteine levels, which plays a role in heart health. New research has led some experts to dub folic acid as a nutritional chameleon; studies suggest healthy levels of folic acid may play key roles in maintaining cognition and memory as we age, promoting heart health and more. Ideally, folic acid should be obtained through eating plenty of healthy, whole food sources of folic acid like leafy greens. If you are not getting enough folic acid daily through your diet, you might consider a folic acid supplement derived from real food sources like Swanson Ultra Real Food Folic Acid.

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