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Swanson Ultra

Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex with preB

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90 Liq Vegcap
  • Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex with preB from Swanson Ultra

  • World's 1st macrobiotic supplement, featuring 55 fermented whole foods

  • Bursting with natural enzymes and nutrients to promote energy and vitality

Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex with PreB® is one of those special supplements that only come along once every few years. It is the world's first and only macrobiotic supplement. Swanson Health Products collaborated directly with Michio Kushi, the founding father of the Macrobiotic Movement here in the United States in the 1960s. Together with Mr. Kushi, we developed the finest macrobiotic formula, featuring 55 fermented whole foods that are bursting with natural enzymes and nutrients to promote energy and vitality.

The term "macrobiotic" was first used by Hippocrates, and it means "great life" or "long life" in Greek. He used the word to describe people who were healthy and lived long. Developer of Fermented Superfood Complex Michio Kushi believes macrobiotics is an approach to life, or a philosophy, rather than a "diet." Macrobiotics emphasizes whole cereals, grains, legumes, vegetables, seaweed, fermented foods and fruits combined into meals according to the principle of balance known as yin and yang.

According to Mr. Kushi, "Eating fermented food nourishes the good bacteria in the intestines and has a cleansing effect within the gastrointestinal system. Fermented foods help good bacteria establish themselves and proliferate over time, providing long-lasting effects."

The exclusive blend of whole foods in our Fermented Superfood Complex is called preB®. Mr. Kushi developed preB® as a complete nutritional complex composed entirely of fermented foods, containing over 50 types of the world's healthiest plants and foods. These are combined and fermented using natural yeast, local bacteria and the miraculous water that gushes from the springs on the ANEW Farm in southern Brazil. The result is a totally unique, all-natural fermented food formula that concentrates all of the Kushi Macrobiotic principles into one convenient supplement for total health and wellness.

Find out more about this fermented superfood supplement in our interview with Michio Kushi.

Product Label

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Liquid Veggie Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate <1 gram <1%†
Proprietary Blend containing preB® [spring water, unrefined cane sugar, honey, orange, pineapple, banana, apple, papaya, guava, melon, brown rice, oat, corn, barley, pea, jalo bean, roxinho bean, black sesame seed, millet, plum, adzuki bean, soy bean, carrot, rye grain, black bean, lentil bean, avocado, acerola, lemon, pear, tomato, red grape, mango, watermelon, pumpkin, sweet potato, chick pea, carambola, cashew nut, brazil nut, kiwi, cassava root, green bell pepper, sugar beet, collard greens (leaves), cabbage, passion fruit, chicory (leaves), lemon grass (leaves), lotus root, turnip (root), seaweed (kombu), mate (leaves), cinnamon (root), anise (fruit), cloves (leaves), ginger (root), zedoary (root)], vegetable glycerin 1 gram *

†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Vegetable capsule (cellulose, chlorophyllin).

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one liquid veggie capsule three times per day with water.

preB® is a registered trademark of Brazil Products Co.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

Swanson Ultra Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex with preB Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex with preB 4.6 5 43 53
Easy Super Foods I am on the go a lot and don't have time to eat all the green veges I need. I found this product to especially good for people who don't have time to cook or the desire to do so. February 16, 2014
Quality Just to say I have been using the product for a little over 2 weeks, and it is giving me lots of energy throughout the whole day, I take two capsules with breakfast, and one in the mid afternoon, and I feel energetic all day till almost bedtime. January 21, 2014
Colon Health Have been using this product for over a year. I feel satisfied that Dr. Kushi's product gives excellent colon health. Many foods that are produced in a pristine manner to help protect the health of the colon. One important product taking 3 pills per day. December 21, 2013
Fermented Foods Have been wanting to get more fermented foods in my diet. While I do notice a little bit with this supplement, adding real whole fermented foods does much more for my insides. October 26, 2013
wow Love this. Even my husband commented on how shiny my hair had become after just 4 days. I have been looking for a superfood for a while, and have decided to use this. Thanks! September 26, 2013
Just what I was looking for... I have had an interest in fermented foods for a long time. I have tried eating fermented foods; but this product is more convenient and contains a large variety.of fermented items. July 29, 2013
Fermented Some source of enzyme for the body, Give energy and helps the overall mood and health. Taste good even directly chew on. June 14, 2013
Need more veggies? What a great way to get ore veggies without the taste of a green powder, which can be a bit harsh-and they are fermented! June 14, 2013
fermented me I read a product review in the catalog. It sounded ''right'' for me. I have no specific data as to why. But my overall sense of health is good now. March 3, 2013
Seem to give me energy Makes sure I get the vitamins I need in my body when I don't have an opportunity to eat 5-7 servings of vegtables a day. Since I am a vegetarian it is important that I receive the necessary nutirent in my body. February 14, 2013
Overall great product I ordered this because I'm trying to get into healthier eating, living, etc. These capsules help me to feel a bit better than I usually do, health wise. One time I opened a capsule & just sucked out the juice. It tasted good, and right away I felt very aware of everything, as if I just woke up. Very interesting. I thought I would notice a difference in my digestive system but I don't believe I have. Perhaps I need to try a different product for that. For overall health, this product is great and definitely worth a try. January 12, 2013
would be better, if it was not fermented The first couple of days I enjoyed chewing these veggie caps and letting them dissolve in my mouth. At the same time, I noticed I began to sneeze more frequently than normal. I must be allergic to either the yeast or something else in the fermentation process. In my opinion, Mr. Kushi should have left the 55 fruits and vegetables alone, and not tamper with nature. November 26, 2012
Super-Feeding the Body Michio Kushi's Fermented Superfood Complex with preB is a convenient way to supplement the diet with an extremely nutritious encapsulated food that is easy-to-swallow and assimilate. July 5, 2012
Unexpected side effect I don't know if its just me but whenever I took this supplement I felt sleepier than usual. For a week I was feeling tired most of the time and couldn't figure out why. Then my brother told me it was the supplement. June 20, 2012
GREAT Taking this supplement gives me a noticeable boost in energy and mood. I plan to continue taking it for a long time! June 7, 2012
I really like this product. I started feeling better very soon after I started using it. I would recommend it. It is a really healthy procuct. Thanks, Swanson! May 18, 2012
This Product is awesome! I just want to say I am so glad I found this product! I have always been interested in improving my overall health and vitality and that is what Michio Kushi's Super food complex does,within days of taking three capusules per day I felt more energy and just an overall feeling of well being,I even slept better,must have something to do with all the awesome fruits and veggies packed in there,also all that nutrition has made my hair and skin look better than it ever has before.I love this stuff! I will for sure be ordering more before I run out! Highly recommend,try it you won't be disapointed. April 30, 2012
Terrific product I use this in conjunction with other swanson products that I love. This is by far the best supplement I have ever used, as it promotes great daily energy and fantastic sleep, which helps me immensely as I am not able to get enough sleep during the week. I definately have noticed the benefits of this product. April 18, 2012
Unexpected side effects My wife and I both found that this supplement caused massive sugar/carb cravings each time we took it. Discontinued use. March 13, 2012
can not tell what this is doing as I havent been on it very long. I do feel great though. February 29, 2012
worked 4 me I have tried multivitamins several different times and with several different manufacturers and had little to no noticeable improvements; for me, this did it. I have increased energy and feel better overall. I recently added resveratrol 100 and this particular combination has worked very well for me. December 26, 2011
yeaa! fermented foods are so wonderful! I make my own fermented/cultured veggies and drinks, but I like taking this on days I'm not home November 29, 2011
Tasty and energizing. I use them whenever I am not feeling my best and need a little extra zip. November 17, 2011
Enzyme Fest By itself it works great with my apple/carrot juicing I do three times a week. I also take with Swanson's Whole Food Vitamin before I do P90X workout and helps me continue and stay in there during the workout! October 23, 2011
Energy I alway's get sluggish around 5:PM and need to take a cat nap, but after taking this product for three (3) weeks, I no longer am sluggish, and my nightly sleep has improved. I will continue to take this, as it has proven worthy. October 7, 2011
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