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PureLo Lo Han Sweetener (Monk Fruit)

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2.8 oz (80 grams) Pwdr

"I am so happy with this product. I have tried all forms of Stevia and have a bad aftertaste with it, so I was looking for something natural with no calories. This tastes great and no after taste" ~product review by healer54

  • PureLo Lo Han Sweetener

  • Made from Monk Fruit, a traditional Chinese fruit

  • Calorie-free non-artificial sweet alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to artificial sweeteners without the potential bitterness of stevia or the calories of honey, Swanson PureLo Lo Han is an excellent choice! This concentrated extract from Lo Han (the traditional Chinese fruit also known as Monk Fruit) has found its way out of the Asian markets and into the mainstream as a calorie-free way to sweeten. It's perfect for coffee and tea and can even be used for cooking and baking. But beware: Lo Han can be up to 200 times sweeter than sugar. We've tempered the natural sweetness a bit by blending PureLo with natural inulin so it's ready to use in recipes or at the table.
Note: Lo Han dissolves best when mixed into room temperature liquids. If you wish to sweeten a cold drink like iced tea, mix at room temperature and chill for best results.

Product Label

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Scoop (1/2 Teaspoon) (2 grams)

Servings Per Container 40

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 0 Calories from Fat 0  
Total Fat  0 grams 0%
Sodium  0 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate  2 grams <1%
Dietary Fiber  1.5 grams 6%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

  Calories 2,000 2,500
Total Fat Less than 65 grams 80 grams
Saturated Fat Less than 20 grams 25 grams
Cholesterol Less than 300 mg 300 mg
Sodium Less than 2,400 mg 2,400 mg
Total Carbohydrate   300 grams 375 grams
Dietary Fiber   25 grams 30 grams

Calories per gram:

  • Fat 9
  • Carbohydrate 4
  • Protein 4

Ingredients: Inulin, lo han (monk fruit) concentrate, silica.

Suggested Use: Can be mixed with tea, coffee, or other beverages, desserts and foods, to sweeten as desired. Can also be used for cooking and baking. Scoop included.

PureLo® is a registered trademark of BioVittoria, New Zealand.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

Swanson Premium PureLo Lo Han Sweetener (Monk Fruit) Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

PureLo Lo Han Sweetener (Monk Fruit) 3.7 5 43 45
Better than expected I really liked this sweetener. It didn't leave a bad after taste and it wasn't overbearing either. I will buy some more and recommend it. March 9, 2014
how sweet it is! This is a great sweetener derived from a gourd that is actually used in Chinese Herbal Medicine. As a sweetener it's perfect in my book. A great alternative for those who somehow dislike the taste of stevia (which I don't). I do think it's great to have a variety of sweeteners to use. Xylitol is another one that Swanson has. January 8, 2014
havent used it much but like they say it is sweet August 8, 2013
I am unable to use sugar and I do not like to use the artificial sweeteners. Pure Lo Han Sweetener is a great product. It tastes good with no after taste. June 3, 2013
This is good stuff. The sweet is amazing, it has a fruity accent to it but it still doesn't overpower at all. I used it in coffee and shakes and as a fruit sweetener (Strawberries, etc) in cooking it would be great, it can get syrupy a little bit like sugar, so I am sure it would work better in many recipes BUT it is pricey for the amounts. I used in a 20oz cup of coffee about 3 packets of Sucralose (Splenda) sweetener. To get the same sweet it took almost 2 scoops from the tub (Can't recall what size the scoops are) but it is SO very good. And so much more tasty than sucralose or any of the yucky artificial sweeteners. It doesn't have any bitterness to it like Stevia, but would compliment it well (Maybe a 50/50 mix or even 20/80 monkfruit/stevia) to help alleviate the bitter and balance it. Could be cost effective that way. April 11, 2013
good sweetener tastes very sweet and natural, a little pricey. April 4, 2013
Monk instead of aspartame When you see aspartame, aspartamic acid, or phenylalanine on a label, run the other direction as fast as you can. There are several other good sugar substitures, stevia--although some don't like the taste, and agave--taste is good but my sister says there was a negative report on it recently. So, when I saw this I had to try it. The taste is good and it works well in coffee, etc. It is white which may appeal to one's sugar "image". I recommend it. March 26, 2013
Perfect for JJVirgin Diet I started the JJ Virgin way of eating January 1st. This is one of the sweetners she recommends. I like the way it tastes in my tea and coffee. I was a die hard Stevia user, but I think I like Lo Han better. March 3, 2013
Lo Han Bummer I bought this product for my mom to try and get her off artificial sweeteners and because she doesn't care for stevia but she wasn't impressed, so she gave it to me. I actually was looking forward to trying it because I read it didn't have the aftertaste that stevia can have and like stevia, it is supposed to be a lot sweeter than sugar. Well it doesn't have a bad taste. I actually would even say it is pleasant, but it really isn't that sweet. I had to use much more than I expected and at this price and for the small amount you get, it is not worth it. If Swanson could get the price down a lot or sell it for the same price for say 3 times as much, it would be fine enough and I'd buy it, but not now. Bummed. October 22, 2012
No so great Small container, big price. I didn't think it sweetened well. The taste reminded me of artificial sweeteners, not sugar. February 23, 2012
Bad Choice This does not sweeten nearly as well as stevia. I decided to try it because it was on sale, but will go back to stevia. Scoop provided in the container was too long & had to be wedged into it, getting the product stuck to fingers with every use. Put into another container to solve this problem but will still not purchase again. December 21, 2011
No funny taste, wish it was larger. I did not have a problem with the taste as I have seen some others have. I liked it, it sweetened and mixed well. I had hoped this could become a regular replacement for other fructose based sweeteners for me, but I will not be able to use it in cooking and such as I had hoped based on the size/price available. If I could buy it in bulk at a decent price I would have no problem at all! September 20, 2011
Great but expensive! This is a great sweetener I discovered. I use it in the morning mixing it in with instant oatmeal that comes in various flavors. The only negative thing about Pure Lo Han Sweetener (at least currently) is that it is very expensive. If the cost could be reduced and or if the amount would be increased, it would be a perfect product. September 3, 2011
Frozen desserts with Lo-Han I cannot eat sugar, honey etc., don't like Stevia, and avoid sweeteners in blue, pink and yellow packets because they are supposed to be bad for us. Since I eat yogurt and fruit, I've been sweetening with Lo-Han and making frozen yogurt. I do have to use about ten (gasp) little spoons of Lo-Han, and that is very expensive, but it is my only access to a healthy frozen dessert. I don't taste any aftertaste, altho my husband does. However when I made pistachio, he said the fat content covered the bitterness. I wish I could buy larger and cheaper quantities of Lo-Han. August 5, 2011
Sweet!!! I drink a lot of hot black tea, and some coffee. I was concerned about using other sugar substitutes over the years, and then I discovered Lo Han. I am happy to finally step away from the other stuff I've been using. June 14, 2011
I did not find it sweet at all and when I used more I just got a bad after taste. Plus it does not disolve well. June 7, 2011
Still Experimenting with Lo Han I'm a first time user of Lo Han. I've used it on hot cereal, and found it has a slight after-taste, or maybe "sensation" would be a better term than "taste". It's not really bad, like artificial sweeteners leave, but still "there". I'd like to try it in cooking or baking, but there are no directions for substituting for sugar on the package. In fact, no suggestions for quantity use at all. I've assumed that one of the little scoops equals 1 teaspoon of sugar, but I don't know. I'm still experimenting! March 30, 2011
Too Big-Too Small I prefer this sweetener to all other sugar replacements but the price is too high and the amount is too small not a good value March 26, 2011
Yuck This sweetener has the worst aftertaste, I wont be buying it again. March 24, 2011
Disappointed Thought it would be better than stevia (which has a sort of bitter after taste) and taste more like sugar. That was not the case; in order to sweeten coffee to my liking; needed 4 scoops of sweetener which adds up to 8 carbs (equal to 2 teaspoons of table sugar). Did have a "saccharin" aftertaste. I can buy 5lbs of sugar for $2.54 and use 2 teaspoons to sweeten my coffee and get the same amount of carbs and sweetness for alot less cost, will not buy again. February 14, 2011
Great alternative sweetener I cannot tolerate any artificial sweeteners, due to severe migraines and varying degrees of agitation. This is not necessarily a bad thing, when you consider how dangerous artificial sweeteners are. For years, I resigned myself to using limited amounts of sugar, honey, maple syrup and agave. But wanted to limit my carbs more. I was so disappointed to realize that even the natural "sugar alcohols", such as Xylitol, Sorbitol, Manitol, and even refined Stevia, affect me exactly the same as artificial sweeteners. I AM able to tolerate the green (unrefined) version, of ground Stevia leaf. However, have a hard time getting past the bitter after taste. Recently, I learned about Lo Han, and after doing some research, learned that it is NOT a "sugar alcohol". So, with fear and trepidation, I decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I did not get a migraine after several servings of Lo Han. I use it in my coffee and tea, and like the fact that it only has a minor after taste, and doesn't over sweeten my drink. I use anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 scoop, of Lo Han in my drinks, and find it very satisfying. A thought I had, for the reviewer, who felt it wasn't sweet enough, for them. Try using a scoop, of the Lo Han, and adding 1/4 the amount of organic sugar, that they usually use. Then, at least they will be cutting back on their sugar intake. February 10, 2011
Better than stevia, but so is everything else This product does not really provide, strictly speaking, as a former food manufacturer,a "sweet" taste. There is sweetness in the taste, but also other flavors which are not sweet. The inulin itself has a cleaner sweetness than the lo han fruit, which I have tried before undiluted with anything else. Compare the taste to sucrose, sugar, and you will "get" it. Sugar is the standard of "sweet" against which all other "sweet" is measured. But Lo Han isn't terrible, especially compared to stevia, the "purified" extract, whose sweetness can only be had with an array of other off-tastes. January 26, 2011
Great substitute I am so happy with this product. I have tried all forms of Stevia and have a bad aftertaste with it, so I was looking for something natural with no calories. This tastes great and no after taste, so I think it is a great sugar substitute. I have not tried to bake with it but have used it in teas and occassionally in cooked recipes. I have lost weight since using it. January 5, 2011
Tasty, but expensive Very good sugar-like taste, but quite expensive for how long it lasts. Powder dissolves easily in drinks. December 29, 2010
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