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Caps Size:
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500 mg 100 cápsulas de 500 mg
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"Have been very happy with this amino acid and with the price and quality of this product!" ~product review by ForGoodStuff

  • Mantiene su mente aguda y perspicaz

  • Ayuda a alimentar sus músculos

  • Tiene una capacidad única para pasar a través de la barrera hematoencefálica, por lo tanto, es un excelente refuerzo para un funcionamiento mental saludable
La glutamina es el aminoácido libre más abundante encontrado en los músculos del cuerpo. Su capacidad de pasar fácilmente la barrera hematoencefálica hace que sea un combustible efectivo para el cerebro. En el cerebro, la glutamina se convierte en ácido glutámico, un neurotransmisor esencial para el funcionamiento cerebral.

Etiqueta del producto

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
L-Glutamine FCC 500 mg *

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule one to two times per day with water on an empty stomach or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Términos y definiciones de ingrediente

Swanson Premium L-glutamina Comentarios

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

L-Glutamine 4.6 5 18 25
Swanson's L-Glutamine Most people take this after their workout, but I take one in the morning (by itself, so it doesn't compete with other amino acids for absorption), to help sharpen my mind and help me to be more alert. I have noticed a slight difference since taking it. It might not work for everybody, but it does for me. March 17, 2014
Great Product Better way than powder, no aftertaste December 12, 2013
Great Product Have been very happy with this amino acid and with the price and quality of this product! July 29, 2013
Great value! It's glutamine, and it's a good deal. If you're a weight lifter you need glutamine to help recovery. I highly recommend it. June 11, 2013
Perfect Product Bought this for a detox, and it did it's job. June 4, 2013
it was very useful this product was very useful to me June 4, 2013
Cleanse Gem I purchased this product to use for a 3 day cleanse. It worked well for me. I am continuing this product for a few more weeks. June 4, 2013
Recommended by my MD My MD recommended that I start taking L-Glutamine for gut health several years ago. I don't know how it works but I noticed a big difference when I don't take it. It makes me feel better. Last year my MD recommended that I try the Swanson brand for my over-the-counter supplements because of the quality. I found the quality fine but the pricing even better. I am paying about $8 less than I paid for the other brand and getting the same or better results. April 10, 2013
Good purchase I take this combined with two other supplements just so that I don't feel tired throughout the day. I take this one along with B-complex 100 and with Phosphatidylserine. All three combined once in the morning with breakfast and once again during lunch time make a serious difference. I don't feel tired or sleepy during the day with these three. I don't yawn or anything. If you take L-Glutamine by itself, yeah you will notice it since it does make your mind more alert but like I said, combining it with the other two make for a perfect trio to keep you fully awake and alert throughout the day. It works for me. I am 25 and I work in IT and I go everyday like nothing but if I mess up and don't take them, I feel it. It's not a tremendous drop but later at night at home I feel much more tired than usual. February 20, 2013
My best energy booster I have taken L-Glutamine since over fifteen years now; it boosts my energy for my morning Yoga and exercise--and in the afternoon, it perks me up for my afternoon walk. November 14, 2012
nearly Out of date only 6 months to expire ( nearly out of date ) May 20, 2012
Undecided I'm 50/50 on L-Glutamine. I feel at times it helps with brain function and energy levels, but other times I feel a bit weird afterward. I can only guess that I have a sensitivity to glutamine. I think people who have trouble with sodium glutamate in foods, like I do, may want to think twice about this product. October 26, 2011
High quality you can experience that this product is high quality. January 19, 2011
Excellent This works GREAT i notice i can focus and think more clearly.. I LIKE IT and recomend anyone to give it a try..i'm only 40 yrs old so you do not have to be that old to notice a difference.. October 21, 2010
Great Help after Exercise I have begun strength training and read about Glutamine being a great help for after-exercise discomfort. It helps me a lot and greatly reduced the down time from my first few weeks of lifting. Plus, it's much cheaper than any other place I have checked out. July 29, 2010
Great advice from a friend Has helped me to be comfortable November 30, 2009
Keeps my brain healthy My husband and I both take one L-Glutamine on an empty stomach twice a day to help our brains 'work' and rejuvenate. We're both over 1/2 a century old and enjoy clear thinking and want to keep it that way. July 22, 2009
L-Glitamine Great for people that workout or train for a sport. It helps me with some of the muscle pains you get the next day after training. Since taking this, I've noticed a great level of endurance and strength and my muscles don't hurt or ache the next day. August 6, 2008
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