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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

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1 Kit
  • Ceramic salt air inhaler

  • Includes 7.75 oz bag of salt

  • Easy to use

Squip Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler is designed to recreate a micro climate, providing the salt cave experience without actually having to venture deep into caves. Salt air inhalation therapy (halotherapy) is a drug-free method that helps support respiratory comfort.

Ceramic. 7.75 oz (220 grams) of salt included.

Product Label

Before you start

The Himalayan salt air inhaler is empty when purchased. Do not fill it with salt crystals (provided) unless the device is completely dry. Remove the silicone plug from the bottom of the salt air inhaler and fill it with approximately 2.5 oz. (70 grams) or approximately 1/3 of the supplied Himalayan salt crystals. Replace the silicone plug. Your salt air inhaler is ready for use.

How to use

For optimal results, inhale through mouth and exhale through nose. Place the mouth piece between your lips and draw gently through your mouth. Exhale through your nose. DO NOT EXHALE BACK THROUGH THE DEVICE. You may experience some coughing or sneezing when the inhaling process starts. The recommended duration of usage is 15-25 minutes per day. Use regularly all year round for best results.

Cleaning, storage, and changing the Himalayan salt crystals

For best results, we recommend replacing the salt crystals every month. However, the salt crystals can be replaced with less frequency depending on the level of usage and if the inhaler is kept clean and free of moisture. If salt crystals become moist or wet, do not use the inhaler. Before replacing the salt crystals, rinse the inhaler with warm water and make sure the inhaler is completely dry before refilling. Use a hair dryer to dry completely if necessary. DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF DETERGENTS. DO NOT USE DISHWASHER TO CLEAN. Store in a dry, cool place—away from direct sunlight.

What is salt air inhalation therapy?

Known as "halotherapy" (halo=salt), salt air inhalation therapy is an easy to use, drug free method that eases symptoms of respiratory discomforts. It is also called "speleotherapy" (speleos=cave), as the salty atmosphere of deep salt caves has been used for centuries to benefit the respiratory system. Today's salt inhalers were designed to recreate a similar micro climate-providing salt cave therapy without actually having to venture deep into salt caves.

Who can use salt air inhalers?

Anyone can safely use salt air inhalers and enjoy the benefits from salt air inhalation therapy. Young children may also use salt air inhalers provided that they understand the concept of breathing in through the mouth and exhaling through the nose.

How does it work?

Himalayan salt crystals are positioned between the filters inside the refillable inhaler device. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the moisture of the passing air absorbs microscopic salt particles which permeate through your respiratory system. The humidity in the air is sufficient to enrich the air with minute salt particles when the air passes the salt crystals. Hence a micro-climate of curative salt caves has been created.

Package Contents:

Ceramic Salt Air Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Crystals (7.75 oz./220 g)



The Squip Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler is refillable. For best results we recommend replacing the salt crystals eery 1-3 months depending on how often you use it.

WARNING: For use by one person only—DO NOT share between family members! Do not use inhaler if chipped, cracked or broken in any area. Contains small parts—keep away from children! Do not eat salt crystals!

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Squip Himalayan Salt Inhaler Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Himalayan Salt Inhaler 4 5 5 5
No Change This product did nothing for me. Sorry. October 14, 2013
Salt inhaler I used the product for a week and a half with little positive results to my breathing. The hole to put the salt in is very small and hard to get the crystals in. July 22, 2013
Something Different This product is easy to use, and seems to relax me, and I breathe a little better, July 9, 2013
I find this helpful. glad I purchased it. March 30, 2013
Inexpensive option The cheapest way to get salt therapy for those who don't live by the ocean. March 29, 2013
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