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Computer Eyes

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10 ml Liquid
  • Homeopathic eye drops for tired and strained eyes

  • Safe and non-habit forming
Revitalize tired and strained eyes with Similasan's Computer Eye Relief! These homeopathic eye drops stimulate the eye's natural ability to relieve eye strain due to intense computer work, TV, reading, writing or driving at night. The active ingredients in Similasan Computer Eye Relief eye drops provide relief with no known side effects or drug interactions. Similasan Eye Drops are non-habit forming and will not cause reliance or the rebound effect.

Similasan Computer Eyes Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Computer Eyes 4.6 5 15 17
my husband has allergies and dry eyes. Plus he works on a computer all day. This works for him. March 18, 2014
Happy eyes! Have used Similasan products for a few years, but the Computer Eyes is new for me. It is a truly soothing experience after hours on a PC. September 16, 2013
Great for computer eyes my husband is on a computer all day and loves these drops for dry and tired eyes. June 4, 2013
excellent product Just began using this product for eyestrain and found relief immediately. Really good product that I would definitely recommend, May 26, 2013
great purchase I've been using this product for some time when my eyes get tired from being on the computer or strained in some other way & I find them quite effective March 28, 2013
Best Purchase Ever It does work good. It refreshes your eyes and get rid of the redness in your eyes. I definitely recommend it. March 12, 2013
Burned I've used other products from this company and been satisfied with them. The product I was searching for wasn't carried by Swanson so I got one of there other products figuring it was the same company making it. The instant I put it in my eye my eye started to burn terribly. I thought it might be just that the one eye was irritated so I put it in the other eye and it burned. Needless to say I am sending it back. February 3, 2013
SIMILASAN WORKS SMOOTHLY I work on the computer most of the day and night. Similasan Computer Eyes Homeopathic Drops help keep my vision sharp, and my eyes feeling good with no redness or irritation. I prefer using this Homeopathic Product to drug store eye drops. I have also used a number of the other Similasan Eye Drops, and I like them all. It is easy for me to recommend a high quality, proven product like Similasan Eye Drops. August 12, 2012
HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU KID Thank you Humphrey Bogart for that great line that you said to Ingrid Bergman in the Classic 1942 Film, Casablanca! Whenever I use Similasan Eye Drops, which I have always kept on hand since the 1970's or 80's, I think of that famous line from that great Film. My vision is fine, but I work on the computer for hours and hours every day. So I use Similasan Computer Eyes, and I find that these homeopathic drops keep my eyes moist and comfortable. If I get a little eye itchiness, a few drops of Similasan Computer Eyes takes care of it immediately. I prefer using a homeopathic remedy to a drug store product. I can highly recommend any of the variety of Similasan Eye Drops, as I have used most of them over the decades. Swanson's price for Similasan is great, too, as usual. August 9, 2012
Computer Eyes Relief I purchased 1 bottle for my husband who works with a computer most of his day. He loved it. Then I tried it. I loved it...so had to purchase another bottle for me. Note, you cannot add these drops if you wear contact lens & they seem to have an expiration date of only 1 month. But using a few drops every day, two to three times will relieve your tired, red eyes. Great Product! June 10, 2012
I was hoping for better results I wish Swanson would carry Opthalmic Drops named Pi yen chin manufactured in Shangai. I can get them at a local health food store for $3.99 (0.34 oz) and they feel better in my eyes than this one. The Similasan has a very neat bottle with a long neck which provides a good way to drop it into the eyes though. June 1, 2012
say NO to eye strain I remember being at the Eye Dr. and saying how my eyes hurt and were tired just about all the time. "well, that is just how it is with your health problem". !!! OK not helpful, so I research on my own and find this, I'm like $-good, doable to try this new product out. I love Similasan products and this is one of my favorites. Tired, achey, sore eyes---- bye bye!! this stuff gives relief, fast. convenient, and sanitary. a must have for me. March 17, 2012
Good for old strained eyes I found a drop or two in each eye when they are burning from strain does the trick. What a relief! The drops also cleared up some stuff that was blocking my clear vision. Like washing my car windshield. April 2, 2010
go to drops These drops are very soothing and do not cause eyes to itch like some others do. Love them. March 19, 2010
Wonderful! I keep Computer Eyes at work, and at home. Since I often forget to take a "vision break" from the computer(20 seconds every 20 minutes) I really need these drops! I do a lot of close work with my hands, and the drops are effective then, too. I love this product! November 29, 2008
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