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Cotton Swabs

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375 Ct
  • Q-tips Cotton Swabs

  • 100% pure cotton

  • More soft cotton at the tip than any other swab

If you're like most, you just can't go without Q-tips Cotton Swabs in your bathroom. These little handy tools are one of the most versatile beauty tools ever invented. They are a classic. Q-tips brand cotton swabs is the name you trust and they provide more soft cotton at the tip than any other swab available (100% pure cotton, too). Try them for a variety of beauty and personal care uses. You can even find a use when your cleaning the house!

Product Label

WARNINGS: Do not insert swab into ear canal. Entering the ear canal could cause injury. If used to clean ears, stroke swab gently around the outer surface of the ear only. Keep out of reach of children.

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Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Cotton Swabs 2.6 5 21 21
I like this product because they use cotton sticks rather than plastic. Makes them stronger. July 29, 2013
What HAPPENED The quality of Q-tips is NOT what it used to be. The cotton on the end is insufficient to do tasks they are designed for and the stick it much too exposed!! I'm looking for a product like the old Q-tips and not having any luck. April 5, 2014
Used for EVERYTHING I use these for everything - they are the perfect size and texture for eyeshadow application as well as makeup removal. These Q-tips are nice and plump, and the base stick is firm. I also use them to clean my keyboard, as well as in small cracks around my desk. Super versatile! March 27, 2014
Thank God I'm NOT alone in my disappointment!!! What in the world happened to the quality of Q-tips! I have been using this product for as long as I can remember and within the last year or so (maybe longer, but I've been in denial for so long, I'm not sure...lol), every box I buy gets worse and worse! The sticks are SOOOO flimsy they just bend all over the place which allows for almost ZERO control during use and as everyone else has stated, there's barely any cotton on the sticks. I'm so, so, so sad and most importantly, disappointed in the quality of todays Q-tips!!! Sadly, there's not many other options for Q-tips...but now with the poor quality that Q-tips is putting out, I'm going to have to hunt for a solution!!! GGGRRRR!!! Please fix this problem...I'm not sure why you had to mess with them in the first place...they used to be perfection!!! March 19, 2014
What happened? As others have said I only buy Q-Tips for the dependable quality. At least I did in the past, lately (especially the Antimicrobial) seem to have less cotton at the tip and what is there does not stay put. Besides using them to clean the outside of ears and nose etc. I wear and clean a CPAP daily, I wash the mask and dry the small recesses with a Q-Tip, lately the cotton unravels and leaves strands in the mask not so good when you are trying to go to sleep and strands of cotton go up your nose. Give us back out Quality product please. P.S. I only buy the paper stick type not the plastic ones. March 16, 2014
Never buying generic again I confess...I cheaped out and tried a store brand swab last month. I never realized how much better REAL Q-tips really are! The generic ones bent and broke so much that I had to use twice as many. What a waste! I'll be sticking with the real deal from now on!!! March 16, 2014
simply the best Great product, soft and gentle on my ears and face. March 15, 2014
Use everyday! These have been a staple in my routine for years. There are the highest quality (i find other brands to be cheaper/ plastic). Will continue to use forever! March 14, 2014
A necessity in every home I cannot even count the amount of times I have needed a small cotton tipped applicator to clean small dirty spaces. Not to mention cleaning my earings, necklaces and even my cats ears. also, my doctor told me about something called "lid washing", which is for management of eyelid styles (look it up! It's safe and effective) so there are just so many uses. Other products have too little cotton, or the stick bends with any pressure. I'm sticking with Q-tips. March 14, 2014
bad Qtips Ive been using Qtips for over 40 years now and in the last year ive notice that the cotton on the tip is not very Thick to say the least the no name brand has more so to say so but facts are facts . March 13, 2014
not the same not enough cotton on end - they downsized the amount or the quality. now they truly feel a little too stick like!!!! February 23, 2014
I am so dissapointed... :( I have used the Q-tip brand for ever!! Growing up and with my children. They claim that the swab has "more soft cotton and the tip* than any other swab". * indicated it is from "the end of the sick to the top of the swab". That may be true BUT... they are no longer soft. I thought that I had purchased a bad package....I would pay a premium if you would bring back the old swabs which were very soft and did not feel like a stick!!! Maybe offer those as additional product on you line??? PLEASE February 15, 2014
Poor Quality I have been purchasing this brand for so many years now. I cannot believe how the quality has diminished! I think I can make a better product at home! That way I know I won't be using a stick with a few strands of cotton on it. February 8, 2014
unusual odor The cotton is firm and well attached to the stick but there is an extremely unpleasant odor from the swab. February 6, 2014
Plastic Sticks and Less Cotton I have used these for over 50 years but now have to find a new brand. Less cotton stinks, but the real game change is the flimsy plastic sticks!!!!! Bring back the paper sticks and I may stick with these a little longer January 21, 2014
Quality not the same! I recently purchased a large package of Q-tips and was quite disappointed to find that the quality has changed. I only by the Q-tip brand because they were strong and durable and wouldn't bend for flex like the no name brands. Today I couldn't really tell the difference. January 21, 2014
Poor Quality The q-tips I recently bought had less cotton on the tip, and it pulled off too easily January 10, 2014
Bad Changes! Yes Ns251, they have changed the quality of their Q-tips.   Ok, Unilever, I know you are not supposed to put them in your ears but you know that the consumer does.  Where's the cotton tip.  It feels like I am sticking a 'stick' in my ear.  Sorry but your claim 'More soft cotton at the tip than any other swab' is no longer true.  I compared this last box I just bought to the few Q-tips I had left over and there is a huge difference on the quality of cotton on the tip.  Instead of the quality of your product being less just charge the consumer a little more and don't skimp on the cotton.  I will be buying an off brand from now on because their claim of more cotton on the tip is true compared to Q-tip! January 3, 2014
Good product Very good  product,  useful in various ways,  must have.......  December 10, 2013
WORST QTIPS EVER I've been using these qtips for a long time but recently I've noticed there's barley any cotton on it I've bought several boxes thinking it was just a one time problem but they're all awful I've gotten scratches in my ear because of how little cotton is on them I will never buy them again  December 8, 2013
Quality Product! The product quality of these Q-tips is outstanding. The cotton stays on the stick and the stick does not bend. I will always buy this product. December 6, 2013
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