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Pasta de dientes sin fluoruro sabor a hierbabuena

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In Stock
85 g (3 oz), pasta
Otros tamaños:
  • Pasta de dientes sin fluoruro de Peelu

  • Ayuda a limpiar y aclarar sus dientes naturalmente, sin el uso de abrasivos

  • Sabor a hierbabuena

La pasta de dientes de Peelu no contiene fluoruro y ayuda a limpiar y a aclarar los dientes. Sin parabenos, azúcar, aspartame ni sorbitol, la fórmula única a base de fibras de Peelu ayuda a aclarar y a limpiar sus dientes sin abrasivos. Esto reduce muchos de los problemas asociados con las pastas dentales comunes que contienen abrasivos arenosos. Si usted está buscando una pasta de dientes natural y suave, sin duda debe probar con Peelu. Esta descripción es sobre la pasta de dientes con sabor a hierbabuena, pero también hay otros sabores, como menta verde, canela y sin menta.

Etiqueta del producto

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, deionized water, peelu powder, titanium dioxide USP, xanthan gum, cultured maltodextrin (a natural preservative), xylitol, natural oil of peppermint, tea tree oil.

For best results: Start with a professional cleaning, then brush with Peelu at least twice a day, floss daily and visit your dentist regularly.

Términos y definiciones de ingrediente

Peelu Pasta de dientes sin fluoruro sabor a hierbabuena Comentarios

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Peppermint Toothpaste Fluoride Free 4.1 5 9 9
No flouride! Appreciate a natural toothpaste and this one does a good job. September 14, 2013
Peelu Toothpaste Texture is like brushing with tapioca, and if not for the fact that it is fluoride free, I find nothing I like about it. Tom's of Maine is much better. June 6, 2013
Pretty good I like that it doesnt contain all the chemicals that store bought toothpaste does. It gets the job done. Peelu makes pretty good products. March 9, 2013
Ok toothpaste This toothpaste has a slight mint flavor but also an undertone of a strange flavor I cannot put my finger on. I was ok with using it but my husband couldn't stand it. One of the worst things about it is the particles in the paste. It is not a creamy toothpaste and has small pieces of something in it. Overall this toothpaste is just ok. We have found others we like much better. January 3, 2013
great alternative to fluoride based toothpastes This is a great alternative to fluoride based toothpastes. It feels different from products by Colgate or P&G, but you know they add lots of chemicals to them to make them look/taste good. The bottom line is that it cleans your teeth...it gets the job done. February 28, 2012
Peppermint Toothpaste Fluoride Free I have not seen this toothpaste in my local health stores but I am extremely pleased with it. In fact, I plan on purchasing a lot more as it tastes better than "Tom's toothpaste" and perhaps more healthier. It seems like we have to become our own doctors these days and look out for one's self! February 26, 2012
Different but good!! I have traditionally used normal toothpaste but have concerns over flouride so i decided to try peelu and it's great....seems to have a great track record seeing as how long it has been used in history!! January 27, 2012
Excellent Toothpaste I have been using both this and the mint-free version for many years. Very effective cleaning. Excellent for sensitive teeth and mouths. I also add some of the pure peelu powder for a little extra fiber. January 7, 2012
To runny coming out of the tube but otherwise ok December 28, 2011
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