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Fibras dentales de hierbabuena

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In Stock
71 g (2,5 oz), en polvo
Otros tamaños:
  • Partículas naturales, como las de las cerdas de la fibra Peelu, 100 % no abrasivas, en un polvo fino

  • Ayuda a mantener los dientes limpios y blancos

  • Con un delicioso sabor natural a hierbabuena

Las fibras dentales de Peelu conservan y protegen el esmalte dental y ayudan a eliminar la placa. Cuenta con partículas naturales 100 % no abrasivas, en forma de cerdas de la fibra Peelu, en un polvo molido fino y fácil de aplicar. Producto dental que proporciona una mayor resistencia, las fibras dentales de Peelu protegen como ninguna otra fibra para darle dientes bonitos, limpios y blancos. Cuando las fibras dentales están en contacto con la humedad, se hinchan y se vuelven blandos para una limpieza profunda, que no produzca daños.

Etiqueta del producto

Ingredients: Peelu fibers, natural oil of peppermint, sorbic acid.

Directions: Wet toothbrush, shake off excess water, sprinkle fibers onto brush, and thoroughly brush teeth. Repeat as necessary.

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Peelu Fibras dentales de hierbabuena Comentarios

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Dental Fibers Peppermint 4.4 5 7 7
I love these dental fibers I first thought this product was weird. Even after the first use, my teeth felt clean and I could tell right off that my teeth were lighter. It was confirmed when my picture was taken. Yep, my teeth were remarkable. The before and after pictures of me showed a huge difference. I just love using a product that is so reasonable in price (the bottle lasts a long time) and actually has great results. You won't be disappointed with the results. October 9, 2013
Useless packaging; burnt taste You cannot use these fibers in the package they are in. They will not come out of the opening. Of it they do, they will fly all over--little to none on your brush. The same goes for unscrewing the lid. You will have to get a jar to empty the contents into and then dip your toothbrush into the jar. In short the packaging is awful. The taste is awful too--and nothing like mint. However, the taste rinses out pretty well, and the results are satisfactory enough once you have found a jar to put the product in. Due to the awful taste, I prefer the peelu toothpaste to the loose fibers. December 6, 2012
Clean Again! I’ve used Peelu Tooth Powder for years and stopped for some reason a few years ago. Now that I found Swanson Health, I can resume my regime and my teeth are clean again. This powder gently cleans my teeth and much better than when I get them professionally cleaned. The last time I saw my dentist, he asked if I had gotten a whitening treatment because my teeth were whiter than the last time I had seen him a year earlier. I get compliments on my teeth and my breath is fresh with the Peppermint flavor I use. Thanks for a great product! August 17, 2012
Worth the difference! For those of us trying to avoid glycerine (it attracts junk to your teeth) & other unknown or unwanted products in our tooth paste/powder, THIS IS THE ONE! My teeth feel CLEAN all day. Non abrasive whitening, and a mild peppermint taste. I've been using this product for a few years & finally had to review! It took me a few days to get past the texture, but I will never switch back. GREAT PRODUCT & GREAT PRICE. January 17, 2011
I love this stuff I have sensitive teeth and this powder really works for me. It cleans really well without being abrasive and actually it's also very inexpensive to use. I just squeeze out a little powder onto my palm and run my wet tooth brush over it and just a tiny bit is enough to do the job. November 8, 2009
long time user We've been using this product for over 10 yrs. swanson's has the best price for the bottle size. Get the small size container first so to be able to refill from the bottle. It is a no nonsense product without worry of any unknown ingredient. We like the peppermint powder. it takes a little time to get use to the fibers, but after that its as easy as using toothpaste. Only one of our friends said it smells like gerbil, but after they got use to it, they continue to use it. April 29, 2008
Buy in Tins, Refill Tins with Larger Amount Please read my review for the tins. The larger amount of dental fibers is better for filling the tins. The product is EXCELLENT and will make your teeth feel like you've had a professional cleaning without abrasives. Using the bottle over the tins is just a bit more inconvenient as you get some of the powder on your sink. Either way, this is a product I've only seen available through Swanson's, and is highly recommended for dental health. July 20, 2007
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