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New Wave Enviro

Sistema de filtro de ducha de primera calidad

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  • Filtro de ducha de primera calidad

  • Se adapta a todas las duchas

  • No requiere instalación de tuberías

El sistema de filtro de ducha de primera calidad de Enviro Products es un filtro fácil de usar que ayuda a proporcionar un año de agua de ducha natural sin cloro bajo condiciones normales de uso. Este producto se adapta a todas las duchas, y no requiere instalación de tuberías. Ahora contiene cristal de cuarzo para mejorar el rendimiento.

Etiqueta del producto

Unscrew and remove the existing shower head from the shower arm (1/2 in. pipe). To minimize water drips, wrap the included teflon tape around the shower arm and the filter (optional). Screw the Premium Shower Filter onto the shower arm and screw the shower head onto the Premium Shower Filter. Hand tighten only—over tightening can crack the filter housing. The Premium Shower Filter is now ready for use. Simply turn on the water as usual. The very first time the Premium Shower Filter is used, the water may take a minute or so to flow through.

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New Wave Enviro Sistema de filtro de ducha de primera calidad Comentarios

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Premium Shower Filter System 5 5 7 7
Very Effective Filter This is the best shower filter I have used. I immediately noticed the chlorine fumes were gone. The only thing I don't like is the length of the filter. It causes my shower head to be really low. I can live with this inconvenience however; the filter is quite good quality. April 6, 2014
Finally!! I can't believe we waited so long to finally get this Nov.of 2012...in fact we have not replaced it yet..It states that the filter lasts 1yr but we are still seeing results and our noses can tell it's still going strong...However,we will soon replace with new filter.Bought them both at the same time when one was the special of the day. January 20, 2014
Wonderful Product What can I say? This shower filter works beautifully. Installation was simple and hassle-free. Definitely recommended. January 2, 2014
Great filtered shower water I love the way it filtered out the chlorine in my shower. December 11, 2013
It made such a difference! =) Immediately after putting this in my shower, I noticed that my skin is softer, less irritated, and not dried out. The water smelled and tasted cleaner too (a lot less like chlorine). My hair became a little softer and didn't need conditioner everyday. It lasted me and my hubby almost a year and a half before the water started to smell and taste like chlorine again- and I like taking long showers too. I plan on buying repeatedly in the future. May 8, 2012
Skin Saver! Very noticable difference with this filter. Skin is much less dry and I think my hair is too. Now have peace of mind that no chlorine is seeping into our skin. Price on Swansens is of course, wonderful. Worth it! May 4, 2012
Fabulous I am using the same review I have had on Amazon for years, and the same for the replacement cartridge... I've been using this filter system for well over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Need I say more? OK, I will. My hair and skin are awesome. My peers use conditioner on their hair... me? rarely. And, I usually have long hair. (fine, blonde) I can go a month or more without using lotion on my skin as long as I am getting enough EFA's from my food. I have used this system in Washington, D.C.; Arlington, VA; Los Angeles, CA; and now in Salem, OR. The latter two have very hard water. Until I have great well water I'll keep using it. And even then if the water is really hard I may still. I really notice the difference when I visit family back East as they don't have this in their shower. Depending on the area where you live, will dictate how often you need to change the filter. In LA, every 8 months, Salem, every year. PS The housing* that holds the cartridge is just starting to look like it is going to split vertically at the threads that connect to the water inlet pipe do-hicky. I noticed that the last filter change I did. Hows that for value on the dollar, easy-ish on the Environment etc? It will be interesting to see how much longer I can get out of the housing before the plastic just shatters. *The housing is still going strong, after a filter change. The original review was a couple of years ago.... ps, the price here? For both the system and the replacement cartridge? AWESOME! September 30, 2011
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