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CellTech Hardgainer Creatine Formula - Fruit Punch

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6 lbs Pwdr
  • Scientifically advanced muscle-building creatine formula

  • Created for elite athletes and bodybuilders

  • Fruit punch flavor

As good as creatine is on its own, research has shown that it can be made to work even better. After extensive research and testing, the MuscleTech team of researchers engineered Cell-Tech Hardgainer Creatine Formula. Cell-Tech is an advanced muscle-building creatine formula with powerful core ingredients shown to be scientifically superior to traditional creatine alone. This patent-protected formula saturates your muscle cells with ultra-pure, highly potent creatine unlike anything else available. Cell-Tech Hardgainer Creatine Formula is designed specifically for elite bodybuilders and athletes who are serious about performance.

Product Label

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (49 g)

Servings Per Container: Approx. 55

  Amount Per 1 Scoop % Daily Value
Calories 180  
Total Carbohydrate 38 g 13%*
Sugar 15 g
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 125 mg 208%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 5.25 mg 263%
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 0.2 mcg 3%
Calcium 45 mg 5%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 32.5 mg 8%
Sodium 35 mg 1%
Potassium (as dipotassium phosphate) 24.8 mg 1%
Muscle Growth and Strength Matrix    
Creatine monohydrate 3.5 g
Creatine HCl 1.5 g
Cell-Volumizing Amino Acid Matrix    
Taurine 1 g
L-alanine 500 mg
BCAA Matrix    
L-leucine 500 mg
L-valine 250 mg
L-isoleucine 250 mg
Alpha lipoic acid (supplying R-ALA) 100 mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

†Daily Value not established.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: MULTI-STAGE CARB BLEND (Glucose Polymers, Dextrose, MODCARB™ [Oat Bran, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet, Chia], Waxy Maize [Corn Starch], Cluster Dextrin), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Silicate, Salt, Acesulfame-Potassium, Sucralose, FD&C Red No. 40.


DIRECTIONS: Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 6 oz. of water immediately following your workout. If you're not training that day, have your serving in the morning when you wake up.

FOR BETTER RESULTS: Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 12 oz. of water immediately following your workout. If you're not training that day, take 2 scoops in the morning when you wake up.

FOR BEST RESULTS: For the first 7 days (loading stage): Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 12 oz. of water in the morning when you wake up and 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water immediately after your workout. If you're not training that day, take 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water in the morning when you wake up and 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water later in the day. Maintenance stage: Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 12 oz. of water immediately following your workout. If you're not training that day, take 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water in the morning when you wake up.


  • As with all creatine products, maintain an adequate state of hydration during use.
  • Do not use if you suffer from diabetes or if you are prone to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.
  • If you experience a skin rash or other allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult a medical doctor.
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Note: To maintain product freshness, store in a cool, dry place (60°F to 80°F). This product is sold by weight. Some settling may occur. shake container before use.

Made in the U.S.A. from domestic and international ingredients.

  • NO Proprietary Blends
  • NO Fillers
  • NO Underdosed Key Ingredients
  • NO Banned Substances (WADA)
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors.

MODCARB™ is a trademark of VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

MuscleTech CellTech Hardgainer Creatine Formula - Fruit Punch Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

CellTech Hardgainer Creatine Formula - Fruit Punch 4.7 5 51 51
Great product I've been using Celltech for almost a month now and can already see and feel the results ! Tastes great and mixes really easy. November 27, 2013
Everything you need in a bottle! I received a free sample of the new Cell Tech flavor Blackberry and have to say I came away impressed. In similar previous products there seemed to be a chalky after taste but not here. Loved the flavor! And with 2 creatines, Taurine and BCAA's, It's my new favorite post workout supplement. April 10, 2014
Cell Tech for the win! Cell Tech is an awesome post-workout supplement. I received the blackberry flavor as a sample for the field test team almost a week ago and have noticed a big difference. It did take a couple servings to get used to the sweetness, but I'm not a very sweets eater. Now I'm loving it and this is definitely a product that I will be using for awhile. April 10, 2014
Great flavor! I received this as a test sample and can say this is the best cell tech flavor I have tried. It is the lemonade iced tea and it is great. I got home from the gym and it was on my door step so I went ahead and mixed it up for a try. It doesn't have the chalky taste like other supplements, tastes great and was easy to drink. It is now added in my everyday stack! April 10, 2014
GREAT TASTE!!! Received this product as a free sample and was just blown away by how delicious the Blackberry flavor was and refreshing to drink post-workout. It was very easy to mix and would definitely try different flavors in the future!! April 10, 2014
MuscleTech - The Best of the Best I recently received Cell Tech (Blackberry flavor) about two weeks ago and wanted to give some time before I put in a review to make sure that this was a quality product. So far, I have nothing but good things to say about this product so far. It mixes well with water and has a great flavor to it. Also, the results are have served my body well so far. Not only have I gained a little weight (all lean muscle) but i also feel stronger and more refreshed going into the next day. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a superior creatine product. April 10, 2014
Cell Tech is the bomb! I used Cell Tech the first time I ever experimented with creatine. It was great but since I was new I experimented with other brands. About a month ago I got the Performance Series Blackberry Cell Tech. I don't know why I ever left! Great flavor, great product. I noticed a difference at the gym and in the mirror about half way through the jug. Cell Tech is for me, never leaving again! April 10, 2014
Blackberry Cell Tech Thx to the folks at Muscletech for sending me a free sample of Cell Tech. I was sent the new Blackberry flavor. This flavor was very tolerable. it went down smooth, wasnt to sweet and no aftertaste. It also mixes very well w/ spoon. I wouldn't recommend shaking it as it tends to foam up a bit. Overall, I'd recommend this flavor and the usefulness of the product. April 9, 2014
New favorite creatine I received some of this product from MuscleTech recently. I have been using it for the past two weeks or so. I must say I am sold!! I tried the lemonade iced tea flavor. I will start by saying it tastes great and mixes great as well. I like that it comes in a flavor like lemonade iced tea. You don't see many companies expanding their horizons with flavors like that. This formula is specifically made for a hardgainer. I myself am an ectomorph and all through school I was tiny. Got into training then powerlifting and was able to put size on. I wish I had known about something like this then! I will definitely continue to use this! I recommend this product to anyone looking for a creatine that offers more than your standard monohydrate. April 9, 2014
Love this product I received this product as a free sample through the Muscletech field tester team. I tried the the pink lemonade flavor. I love this product and has a great taste, it also mixes very well and easily which is a plus. I recommend this product to others. April 8, 2014
Great taste I have been taking Cell tech for about a week or so and so far I love it. Not to mention the taste of fruit punch it is awesome. I simply take it right after my workout and I feel great. AWESOME job Muscle tech April 8, 2014
Cell-Tech Feed Back Recently started using Cell-Tech Hardgainer formula, it was a free sample, this product is phenomenal. The Blackberry flavor was delightful with no bad after taste. April 8, 2014
Gainz on Gainz on Gainz All muscletech products taste amazing, but the blackberry flavor tastes like juice! So good. You forget you are taking muscle mass products because it mixes so well and tastes so great. This is perfect for someone looking to bulk up and gain some extra weight. Perfect for an offseason before leaning out and cutting. I dont take the product personally as I am a female and we never want to put on the weight! But received as a free sample and tried it. I havent found one muscletech product I wouldnt recommend. Try it! Taste the rainbow haha. April 7, 2014
Muscletech Cell Tech Review (Flavor Blackberry) Muscletech's Cell Tech contains a formula unlike any other. I was chosen to be part of the field testing team and sampled this product. First off, the flavor is amazing. Cell Tech blackberry has to be one of the best supplement flavors I've ever tried. It is easily dissolvable and breaks down with just a stir. The ingredients and science behind the product are remarkable. I followed the directions featured on the label and have seen positive results. I will be purchasing this product once my sample amount is exhausted. April 7, 2014
Blackberry I got this product as part of a free sample package. At first when I saw the blackberry flavor I was iffy to try it, but I took the two scoops and put in with half a liter of water and it tasted phenomenal. Only issue I had was the residue it left at the bottom of my bottle. I feel it could've mixed better. April 7, 2014
blackberry flavor review I haven't tried any of the other flavors, but I like this one and it tastes good. The bcaas in it make it a plus... I take 2 scoops right after I lift then get a meal after and on my off days I take it first thing in the morning. Definitely gonna be my "go to" creatine. April 7, 2014
All around great! I received this product to test last week and after a week of trial I am confident in saying that Cell-Tech is great! From the taste to the effectiveness and even allowing me to eliminate some other supplements from my cabinet. I've added creatine to my shakes for years and also taken an intra supplement for BCAA's for a while. Cell-Tech is all of this wrapped into one! I tested the Blackberry flavor and loved it. The taste is bold and the drink seems a little thick, but overall it is very refreshing after a good hard workout. I've only used Cell-Tech for about a week, so I can't speak too much to my gains, but after a few days I was able to increase my weight just a bit on all of my major lifts. This is definitely one of the more satisfying shakes I've used. April 7, 2014
Summertime size is here! I just started drinking my CellTech – “Lemonade Iced Tea” after my workouts and I’m loving it. Summertime size is here! The taste is awesome and totally original, like a bottled Iced Tea I’d get from the store. I put a scoop in my shaker with some ice and either do a cool down lap on the treadmill or sip it on the way home from an intense lift. I haven’t been getting the shirt splitting pumps like this in a while. Since I’m not a big red meat eater, the creatine is something I need to supplement. I’m pleased with this product and plan to stick with it. April 5, 2014
Very good new taste I received the iced tea lemonade flavor as a free sample and the overall taste was very good. I did an AM hamstring session and PM quads session, and drank the Cell-Tech after each. I would usually wake up very sore and almost unable to work, but it seems the Cell-Tech has helped my recovery quite a bit. My legs feel good, and I'm ready to take on the day! April 4, 2014
Awesome taste I received the new cell tech Lemonade Iced tea as a sample. I find the cell tech Lemonade Iced Tea to be very tasteful and it gives me that Spring/Summer flavor. I like the pump and energy I got during and after my work-out. I'll have to incorporate this into my pre and post work out. April 3, 2014
quick size and recovery I started taking this product post workout, and within 3 days I already felt much more fuller looking and within a week I was breaking my PR in bench and skull crushers. I think muscletech can make a comeback with this product. April 3, 2014
Great product. Understand the Science. This product is phenomenal. Its been a staple far long before i was on the field testing team. The reason i love this product are simple the ingredients are perfectly put together and the main ingredient creatine, has always been top notch. But its not like most creatines that give you no science behind it. What science you ask? The sugar! When taking it during or after work out, it spikes your insulin, and the intake of the creatine and nutrients in your system get obsorbed far quicker, obviously producing great results. This is why i take this product, because im sure somewhere down the line a man knows thats the key element to this product. other companies that i wont mention, have 5 to 10g of sugar or none at all = waste of money. Muscletech is the king of science. Cell tech is the king of creatine. Not because i say so.. but becasue the science of the ingredients say so. February 8, 2014
One of the BEST One of the best creatine's on the market, huge size and strength associated with this! I am always ride or die with this product! January 29, 2014
Quickens Recovery Since this Product has electrolytes, sugar, creatine and BCAA I like to use it Before Bed so my morning workout doesn't suffer. As well as use it post workout, my muscles felt restored right after using Cell Tech. I feel it does a better job than drinking a regular protein shake. January 29, 2014
Helps build muscle I like this product. It helped me build some muscle while I was on it but I also made sure to up my water intake to over 1 gallon per day. I received this as a free sample and am really pleased with it.  January 27, 2014
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