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Recent Articles

High Absorption Theracurmin: Concentrated Colloidal Curcumin
High Absorption Theracurmin is up to 300 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin supplements. - April 2014
Inner Bowel Support Formula
Inner Bowel Support Formula with Lynside Pro GI+ Probiotic Yeast Supplement promotes inner bowel health with clinically validated results. - April 2014
Libifem Fenugreek Extract: Female Libido Enhancer
Libifem Fenugreek Extract formula promotes healthy female sex drive. Female libido support from all natural fenugreek extract. - March 2014
Capros® Indian Gooseberry: Clinically Validated Heart Benefits
Capros Indian Gooseberry Fruit Extract is a clinically validated antioxidant superfruit that delivers cardiovascular protection and more. - February 2014
Stem Cell Activator with Cyplexinol: Support Healthy Bone & Cartilage
Stem Cell Activator with Cyplexinol from Swanson Rejuv stimulates bone strength and cartilage health to help you feel and move better. - February 2014
Adiponectin Activation Formula: Introducing New Meratrim® Dual Herbal Extract
The Power of Two—Adiponectin Activation Formula helps you reduce the holiday bulge with clinically proven Meratrim. - January 2014
Serenzo Stress Relief: Sweet Orange Peel Offers Serenity Now
Get natural stress relief with Serenzo Sweet Orange Peel Extract. Citrus sinensis is a secret of herbalists and aromatherapists. Try it for your stress. - December 2013
WellCore Defense: EpiCor + Wellmune for Immune Support
Get EpiCor and Wellmune immune health ingredients in one comprehensive formula. Try WellCore Defense formula to keep your immune health strong. - December 2013
CurQfen Curcumin/Fenugreek Complex
CurQfen delivers up to 20 times more absorption compared to regular curcumin supplements. Get more curcuminoids with CurQfen! - November 2013
Ultimate HDL Support Formula
Promote healthy HDL cholesterol levels (the good cholesterol) with Lee Swanson Signature Ultimate HDL Support Formula featuring purified omega-7, beta-sitosterol and bergamot extract. - November 2013
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