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WellCore Defense with EpiCor® and Wellmune®–A Natural Team for Everyday Immunity

Get to the core of immune system support with our exclusive combination of the two leading daily immune supplements today–EpiCor and Wellmune. Both are derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (a nutritional yeast), both are safe and effective for daily use year-round and both have the proven track record to ensure successful defense in any season.

The EpiCor Story

EpiCor began in 2004 when insurance adjusters noticed employees at Diamond V Mills, an agricultural feed fortification producer, had unusually low sick leave rates and the company itself filed significantly fewer claims than other like-sized companies. Subsequently, the company commissioned a study on workers involved with their proprietary yeast culture; could exposure to this material be the cause?

What they found was precisely that. The yeast culture, which would eventually be enhanced to become EpiCor, was in fact helping to keep their employees well. Further studies with EpiCor itself have shown that its high metabolite immunogens activate natural killer (NK) cells and IgA (a defensive immunoglobulin that protects within the oral cavity, nasal passages and the gut) and facilitates a balanced response throughout the entire immune system.

We recently participated in a trial with EpiCor among Swanson® employees and found similar results. Of the 72 employees who completed the entire trial, nearly 82% intend to continue taking the supplement and 86% said they would recommend it to others.

EpiCor is a unique substance produced through a patented multi-stage fermentation process using all-natural nutritional yeast. The process activates the yeast to develop distinct nutritional compounds called "high-metabolite immunogens" that appear to provide wide-reaching benefits for human immunity.

The Wellmune Advantage

Wellmune is also derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, but in this case a very special, highly protected proprietary strain. The result of millions of dollars worth of research and development by one of the country's foremost biomedical immune developers, Wellmune represents the cutting edge of nutraceuticals today.

Wellmune is a natural carbohydrate containing a minimum 75% beta-glucan 1,3/1,6. But Wellmune is not your average beta-glucan supplement. Wellmune is produced with a very specific proprietary strain of yeast held under strict control at Biothera®'s labs. Patented, water-based processes are used to separate the cell wall, isolate the active carbohydrate and remove mannoproteins. The result is an active yeast component with a precise molecular structure that is recognized by the body's innate immune system.

Like EpiCor, Wellmune does not stimulate the immune system. Rather, it binds to neutrophils, the most abundant type of immune cell in the body, thereby "priming" them for swift action in the face of internal challenge. Numerous published clinical studies show that Wellmune effectively modulates immune function to keep the system well-tuned and responsive without the potential for negative consequences from over-stimulation.

A Match Made for Super Immune Support

Combining these two innovative supplements in one capsule produces a super immune supporting supplement unlike any other. Two clinically demonstrated substances, derived from the same natural foundation, provide complementary action to nourish and activate the immune system for a balanced, rapid response in defense of your good health. Try Swanson Ultra WellCore Defense this winter and stay with it throughout the year for optimal wellness protection every day.