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Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 95%—The Ultimate Curcumin Extract Perfected By Science

What's the fastest-growing, most popular herbal supplement in the world? It's curcumin, the active principle in the Indian spice turmeric. Millions of people are using curcumin for its broad biological benefits, and scientists around the world are producing record numbers of controlled studies. As the research builds and the popularity continues to explode, supplement producers are racing to develop even better products. Products that work better and faster. Products like the multi-patented extract in Swanson Superior Herbs Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 95%—the most biologically active fraction of curcumin.

What are Tetrahydrocurcuminoids?

We know it's a big word. Let's just call them THCS. These compounds are the most bioactive metabolites of turmeric's most active principles and include tetrahydrocurcumin, tetrahydrodemethoxycurcumin and tetrahydrobisdemethoxycurcumin. THCS appear to be the major active metabolites. In a paper published by the National Academy of Science in 2011, researchers noted that THCS are the more potent metabolites of curcumin and exhibit biological activity at very low concentrations.

The ingredient in our Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 95% is produced by Sabinsa Corporation, one of the world's most-respected suppliers of herbal extracts and the one of the largest traders of turmeric in India and around the globe. Sabinsa scientists have unlocked the potential of curcumin with the development of this advanced scientific extract, creating a supplement with greater absorption potential and improved bioavailability.

Pre-Converted into Active Form

When we consume curcumin, our bodies metabolize it into THCS and other metabolites such as dihydrocurcumin, hexahydrocurcumin and octahydrocurcumin. As earlier stated, THCS appear to be the major active metabolites responsible for curcumin's benefits. The trouble is, curcumin is poorly absorbed, so when taking turmeric or a conventional curcumin extract, only a small portion is metabolized into bioactive curcuminoids. Furthermore, when this conversion takes place in the body, much of the curcuminoids never make it through the intestines and into the blood. Our Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 95% is designed to avoid this loss and produce higher blood levels of active curcumin metabolites.

Turmeric root and powder

Sabinsa's proprietary manufacturing process turns poorly absorbed curcuminoids into a form that is biologically active and more readily available upon ingestion. By pre-converting poorly absorbed curcumin into bioactive curcuminoids, Sabinsa essentially reduces the metabolic processes curcuminoids must undergo within the body.

In preliminary research using animal models, scientists administered curcumin and THCS to two groups, then measured the levels of free and conjugate metabolites within blood serum. Those receiving curcumin had blood levels of THCS around 14 nmol/mg, while those receiving the bioactive curcuminoids showed blood levels of 43 nmol/mg, thus providing proof that orally ingested curcumin is converted to THCS and that THCS are more easily absorbed in the GI tract.

A Cascading Antioxidant with Broad Benefits

THCS are referred to as "cascading antioxidants" as compared to stand-alone antioxidants that are quickly rendered inactive. Compared to common antioxidants like vitamin C, for instance, THCS will act for a longer time and show cumulatively stronger activity.

In fact, in a head-to-head comparison with vitamin C, tetrahydrocurcuminoids outperform by all analytical standards, including the commonly recognized ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) method. In studies performed by Sabinsa, THCS yielded an ORAC value more than double that of vitamin C, as shown in the graph below.

THCS chart

Beyond its antioxidant capabilities, curcumin acts in other beneficial ways within the body, providing a wide array of benefits not often found together in one natural product. Historically, the turmeric root, from which curcumin is derived, has been used for a wide variety of applications in India's traditional healthcare system of Ayurveda. Texts dating back to as long ago as 3000 BC document its use for respiratory health, liver health, digestive function, gastrointestinal health and comfort, joint/physical comfort and function, and more.

Today, most research is focused on the benefits curcuminoids hold for cellular health, liver health and cardiovascular health. A simple search on Google or Medline® will turn up hundreds of research papers from around the world, many of them focused on these primary applications. Interested readers are encouraged to explore the wealth of information available through such online resources.

Emerging Research Suggests Brain Benefits

Even with all of these well-established benefits, scientists continue to seek a new understanding about curcumin's actions and discover new applications for specialized extracts like tetrahydrocurcuminoids. For example, exciting new research is looking at curcumin's potential to support brain health.

A study published in 2008 using the same tetrahydrocurcuminoids from Sabinsa, found that THCS showed efficacy against CNS (central nervous system) oxidative damage and inhibited IL-1ß (an inflammatory marker) within the brain better than curcumin itself. THCS also proved better in reducing iNOS (inducible nitric oxide synthase) and its mRNA (messenger RNA) while positively influencing soluble B-amyloid peptide1. These results suggest that tetrahydrocurcuminoids may offer valuable protection for the brain and cognitive functioning. Much more research in this area can be expected in the near future.

Fast, Active, Stable and Safe

Given the current scientific knowledge, anyone interested in using curcumin to help achieve and maintain optimal wellness would be wise to consider the form of their supplement. Why take whole turmeric or even concentrated curcumin that must still be converted in the body when you can get the active form right away? The THCS found in our Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 95% are the pharmacologically active form of curcuminoids delivered in body-ready form. Sabinsa performed stability and safety testing, demonstrating that their THCS are stable and safe even when consumed in high doses.

If you take curcumin, consider making a switch. Get the most out of your supplement by choosing Swanson Superior Herbs Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 95%. It's the only curcumin that's pre-converted for optimum bioavailability. And with our famously low Swanson® price, it's the best value you'll find for effective curcumin supplementation.

1. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 326(1), 196-208