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Telomere Length Supplement—Scientists Discover New Built-in Anti-Aging Mechanism

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

Since Ponce de León began his search for the Fountain of Youth, mankind has endeavored to find the secret to longer life. Today we know more than ever about how the human body ages and now, scientists have stumbled upon what may be the most extraordinary discovery ever made in the field of longevity research.

So what's the secret? It's an enzyme called telomerase, which helps to maintain the length of telomeres. Telomeres are short strands of influential DNA found at the end of chromosomes. They act as signaling agents and "directors" for cellular activity.

Cell Division Stunts Telomeres

As we live our lives, our cells constantly divide in order to maintain our physical being. As we age, however, this process slows down and in some cases, eventually stops entirely. Scientists have known of this phenomenon for years and have even given it a name—cellular senescence. Cellular senescence is behind just about everything we associate with aging, from visible signs like the decline in healthy skin tissue to hidden events within the body such as tissue degeneration, mental decline and organ failure.

The new research suggests that telomere shortening may be responsible for cellular senescence. Each time a cell divides, telomeres are shortened. The telomerase enzyme appears to help offset this phenomenon, keeping telomeres long even as cells divide and replicate.

Nutrition's Role

To date, no successful drugs have been developed to support this goal, nor has anyone found a way to directly amplify telomere activity. Those who follow longevity research may wonder how this new discovery relates to the widely accepted "free-radical theory" of aging and will be heartened to know that there is a direct correlation: oxidative stress (which generates free radicals) hastens the process of telomere shortening and may impede telomerase activity. Therefore, common antioxidants could be helpful in promoting or at least preserving telomere length.

Beyond antioxidants, other dietary components are showing promise for telomere support. Among them are commonly recognized cell-nourishing vitamins and minerals along with RNA/DNA components and botanical phytonutrients. New Swanson Ultra® Telomere Advantage Formula provides the nutritional support just right for the structure and function of telomeres including vitamins D-3, E and B-12, along the with the master intercellular antioxidant, L-glutathione, among others. This formula is based on supporting research in which each ingredient has been identified as offering nutritional benefits for healthy telomere maintenance and/or the promotion of telomerase activity.

If you want to live to 100 or beyond, research suggests that telomere maintenance may be the number one key strategy you can employ. As research continues and the average lifespan increases, what was once considered science fiction is becoming scientific reality. Consider adding Telomere Advantage Cellular Longevity Formula to your daily supplement regimen and, to quote a popular science fiction franchise: live long and prosper.