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Introducing Zip EX2™ Enzymatic Energizer: Your Three-Tiered Solution to Energy Management

Richard Mihalik

Richard Mihalik

Richard Mihalik is a renowned chemist with over 20 years experience in research and development in both the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. He is Director of Innovation and Product Development for National Enzyme Company (NEC), the world's leading producer of supplemental enzymes and Swanson's preferred partner for enzyme-based products. He recently spoke with Lee Swanson about NEC's latest innovation, ZIP EX2.

SWANSON: Mr. Mihalik, with so many energy products on the market today, what were your goals in developing ZIP EX2?

MIHALIK: The energy supplement market is filled with products that experts are beginning to warn us could pose threats to our health over time. ZIP EX2 is different. It's a three-tiered solution to energy management designed to support the body's metabolic energy mechanisms with digestive enzymes, safe and natural herbs, and specific vitamins. It's not a quick charge that produces a subsequent crash; rather ZIP EX2 delivers lasting results throughout the day.

SWANSON: We don't typically think of enzymes when we think of energizing nutrients. Where do enzymes fit in here?

MIHALIK: Digestive enzymes help maximize nutritional intake. Healthy eating is critical to active lifestyles, but even "whole foods" can cause energy-zapping digestive stress. ZIP EX2 facilitates the digestive process naturally, reducing the energy drain that often occurs as a result. Powered by four digestive enzymes and one lipolytic blend, ZIP EX2 helps the body break down macronutrients found in proteins, fats and carbohydrates into their simplest components and absorb them easily.

SWANSON: That makes perfect sense. What about the vitamins and herbs in the formula?


MIHALIK: We selected safe herbs and key vitamins known to help boost energy naturally. Health-conscious consumers are looking for new ways to beat the afternoon doldrums without stimulants like caffeine. ZIP EX2's added B vitamins provide a stimulant-free energy boost and support the immune system, brain function and metabolism, while adaptogenic, circulation-supporting herbal ingredients work to sustain physical stamina and enhance mental alertness. That means your customers will have the lasting energy and focus needed to do what they want, when they want—without the risk of a stimulant-induced crash.

SWANSON: How should people use this product? Will it interfere with sleep if it's used too late in the day?

MIHALIK: For sustained energy all day, we recommend taking the product with your morning and afternoon meal. Taking the product before meals will help establish the enzymes so they get to work right away on the food you're eating; but truly, ZIP EX2 can be effective when taken at any point in the day. Every individual is different, so it is possible that taking it too late may affect your sleep; but as it contains no stimulants, this really isn't a great concern. Again, everyone is different, so it's a good idea to try it for yourself and find out how it works for you.