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Robuvit® French Oak Wood Extract

A New Solution for Energy, Vitality and Vibrant Health

From Horphag Research, makers of world-famous Pycnogenol,® comes a unique new dietary supplement unlike anything on the market today. New Robuvit® French Oak Wood Extract contains a unique profile of polyphenols that show tremendous promise for promoting physical and mental wellness.

From Aging Alcohol to Aging Humans

The idea that oak wood may provide healthful benefits is anything but new. We’ve been consuming extracts from oak for as long as we’ve been aging our wines and spirits in oak barrels. This practice originated thanks to the preservative effects oak wood imparts to the liquid stored within the barrel. It has persisted because we found that it not only preserves the spirit but also adds flavor, color and character. Thus, we’ve been consuming oak extracts for centuries, and scientists suggest that some of the same elements that work to preserve oak-aged liquor may also help preserve human health.

The secret appears to lie in a unique class of polyphenolic tannins known as roburins, found only in oak trees. Among their numerous beneficial properties, research suggests that roburins can help enhance basic cellular functions to combat the aging process, increase energy and fend off fatigue.

A Powerful Class of Fatigue-Fighting Antioxidants

French Oak

Roburins belong to a class of tannins known as ellagitannins, which are hydrolysable derivatives of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant also found in pomegranates and raspberries. What makes roburins unique is that they exhibit low bioavailability until they are metabolized by bacteria in the intestinal tract to produce bioactive molecules called urolithins, which are then taken up into blood plasma. Once in the plasma, urolithins are circulated throughout the body to provide broad-spectrum protection against oxidative stress, a primary factor in the onset of fatigue.

Above and beyond their antioxidant potential, roburins also appear to fight fatigue at the cellular level by upregulating genes involved in ribosomal biogenesis, the renewal of cellular structures known as ribosomes, which are responsible for protein production in all living cells. By supporting ribosomal function, roburins can have a broad range of healthful effects throughout the body, from energy production to enzymatic activity and cellular renewal.

Robuvit Delivers Unprecedented Roburin Potency

Until recently, little was known about the potential health benefits of roburins, primarily because there was no good source available for study. Roburins are only found in trees of the oak genus Quercus, limiting dietary sources to the trace amounts found in wines and liquors aged in oaken casks. To overcome this limitation, Horphag Research, the makers of Pycnogenol, applied their decades of expertise in extraction technology to develop Robuvit, a GMO-free French Oak Wood Extract standardized to an impressive 40% polyphenol content. And it has proven its efficacy in human trials for improving exercise performance and recovery after exercise.

Robuvit® Enhances Endurance and Recovery in Human Trials

Antioxidants have always been important for optimizing athletic performance, due to the role of oxidative stress in the onset of fatigue and the rate of muscle recovery after exercise. With this in mind, researchers set out to evaluate the efficacy of Robuvit in reducing oxidative stress and improving physical performance during athletic competition. In a controlled trial involving 54 male and female amateur athletes participating in a triathlon (swimming, biking and running), after two weeks of training, subjects taking Robuvit showed greater improvement overall and in individual events compared with controls. The improvement in total triathlon time was -10.56% in subjects taking Robuvit compared to -3.41% in controls (see chart 1).

triathalon time

For running time (10K), athletes taking Robuvit had a 12.32% decrease, compared with 3.6% in controls (see chart 2). Ordinarily, this level of improvement could only be achieved with severe training.

10k running time

Robuvit Protects Red Blood Cells During Exercise

The key to Robuvit’s fatigue-fighting properties appears to lie in its antioxidant activity and its ability to protect against the breakdown of red blood cells (hemolysis) during exercise. During strenuous exercise, red blood cells can break down and release their contents, leading to increased concentrations of unconjugated bilirubin (UBR) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the bloodstream. In the trial with the 54 triathletes, plasma free radicals one hour after the final run were 16.98% higher on average in controls than in the Robuvit group, indicating a significantly higher level of oxidative stress. Moreover, blood levels of UBR and LDH were significantly increased in controls, but not in the Robuvit group, indicating decreased hemolysis in athletes taking Robuvit.

The results from the triathlete trial are certainly impressive, but you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Robuvit’s fatigue-fighting power. By combating oxidative stress, protecting against hemolysis and enhancing basic cellular functions, Robuvit can help people of all ages and lifestyles enjoy greater energy and vitality.