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Stem Cell Activator Stimulates Bone & Cartilage Health with Cyplexinol® BMP Complex

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Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products

Joel Baumgartner, M.D. is a board-certified medical physician with a specialized fellowship in non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine. Through his innovative Medical Fitness and Functional Regenerative Medicine clinic in Minnesota, Dr. Baumgartner uses evidence-based treatment options to regenerate and rebuild his patients' joints and bodies. He brings the same integrity and passion to his signature Swanson Rejuv supplements.

Joel Baumgartner, M.D.

Joel Baumgartner, M.D.

SWANSON: Dr. Baumgartner, you operate one of the most unique integrative medical clinics in the country, taking a truly holistic approach to wellness. What compelled you to focus on the cutting-edge, non-surgical techniques used in your practice? Your path is certainly a diversion from the norm and appears to be leading the way toward a new future in regenerative care.

BAUMGARTNER: I began my career by taking the usual path, completing my medical degree and residency in family medicine at the University of North Dakota. As an avid athlete, I always had an interest in sports physiology, so I continued my education with advanced training in sports medicine and a fellowship at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. The medical profession is changing so rapidly, and I knew I wanted to be on the cutting edge. I didn't want to disappear into a large hospital system and I knew that cookie-cutter medicine, which didn't address the root problems, would not provide the answers patients need. I opened Rejuv Medical with the goal of providing truly personalized medical services that approach wellness from the inside out using the latest non-surgical, evidence-based technologies. Our stem cell treatments, prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures represent the future of non-surgical care, offering a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical dependence and unnecessary surgeries.

SWANSON: Can you tell our readers about those therapies—what they entail and how they work?

BAUMGARTNER: These therapies are very similar in that they seek to harness the natural healing abilities of the body to rejuvenate from the inside out. Stem cell treatments involve harvesting cells from areas known to be rich in mesenchymal stem cells and then concentrating those cells in a lab before precisely injecting them into the damaged area in need of repair. PRP is similar but uses the body's own platelets and growth factors to stimulate the healing response. This procedure involves extracting a patient's blood and running it through a centrifuge to separate the plasma and concentrate the platelets. This solution is then injected directly into the site of concern. Prolotherapy is similar, but uses a non-pharmacological stimulating solution to activate the body's innate healing mechanisms. It's amazing to see patients get their lives and passion back again!

SWANSON: Your new Stem Cell Activator with Cyplexinol® is a revolutionary supplement that aligns perfectly with the advanced clinical strategies you employ in your practice. Can you explain what Cyplexinol is and how Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) support strong bones and cartilage?

BAUMGARTNER: Absolutely—I'm so excited about this supplement because there's never been anything like it on the market to support our procedures. What we attempt to achieve by delivering stem cells via injection, Cyplexinol supports through oral supplementation. That's not to say that our Stem Cell Activator is in any way the same as receiving clinical stem cell treatment; rather, the Cyplexinol delivers dietary ingredients that are supportive of the stem cell's natural rejuvenative mechanisms.

Bone Morphogenetic Proteins, or BMPs, were first identified in the 1960s as a single protein. Further research throughout the 70s and 80s found an entire family of proteins now classified as BMPs. These proteins, naturally present in healthy bone and cartilage tissue, activate mesenchymal stem cells and signal them to differentiate into osteoblasts (which promote bone formation) and chondrocytes (which promote cartilage formation).

Cyplexinol has been in development for over 15 years with the support of experts across the medical spectrum—a team including pharmaceutical scientists, clinicians, dietitians and researchers. It's gained lots of attention since the first major, large-scale study was published in 2012. Cyplexinol is a true "nutraceutical" developed to pharmaceutical standards and supported by peer-reviewed clinical studies.

SWANSON: What is the source for the BMPs in Cyplexinol?

BAUMGARTNER: The Cyplexinol complex is naturally derived from the bones of certified organic closed-herd cattle through a cold-process extraction method developed specifically to isolate these active compounds. Every lot is triple certified by three independent laboratories and quality tested to ensure biological activity. Manufacturing is carried out at FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities.

SWANSON: What does the research tell us about how it works and what folks can expect from regular use?

BAUMGARTNER: The Cyplexinol ingredient in our Stem Cell Activator is a unique protein/collagen complex that delivers natural BMPs but also contains key growth factors such as "transforming growth factor beta" (TGF-b), "insulin-like growth factor" (IGF) and "basic fibroblastic growth factor" (bFGF). While BMPs stimulate stem cells to differentiate, these complementary growth factors support developmental mechanisms that allow for tissue regeneration. Plus, active other components within the Cyplexinol matrix provide an immunoprotective effect against biological modifiers like interleukin-1, which can inhibit healthy joint function. All of this technical data is represented in the research.

quality of life improvement

In terms of benefits, clinical studies show that 150 mg of Cyplexinol daily can improve joint comfort and quality of life scores in as little as one week (graph 1) with no side effects. Best of all, folks can take the Stem Cell Activator with their existing supplements for mobility and bone health to enhance the results of any current wellness program. In an open-label trial, individuals taking Cyplexinol along with glucosamine and chondroitin reported a 41.6% increase in recreational activity after just four weeks (graph 2).

SWANSON: What do you recommend people do, in addition to supplementation, to ensure optimal bone and joint health, comfortable movement and overall quality of life?

BAUMGARTNER: Exercise is the biggest challenge for those struggling with joint health concerns. That's why I point to the increased activity recorded in the open-label trial. While it may be the biggest challenge, exercise is also the most beneficial strategy for improving and maintaining healthy mobility. Bone strength is a bit more difficult to influence through lifestyle, but diet can have a big impact. Eat lots of leafy greens, get plenty of calcium, vitamin D and K2, and try to keep your body in an alkaline state by avoiding acid-producing or high-acid foods. Studies also show that resistance exercise like walking, light weight training and yoga can promote bone density. These are great strategies for everyone, really, not only those with special concerns. A healthy diet and active lifestyle are the keys to optimal wellness.

increased activity

SWANSON: Dr. Baumgartner, we're honored to welcome you to our board of trusted advisors and we thank you for bringing your Stem Cell Activator to our valued customers. I'm walking proof that your innovative strategies truly work wonders and I'm confident this new supplement will produce remarkable results for those looking to regain and maintain comfortable mobility and strong, healthy bones.

BAUMGARTNER: Thank you, Lee, for supporting our mission here at Rejuv Medical and for giving us the opportunity to share our work with your Swanson customers through the Swanson® Rejuv line. We've always utilized supplemental nutrition in our practice, and we're excited to collaborate on this exclusive line of products. I know our Stem Cell Activator is going to make a huge difference and help with our mission to bring health and vitality back into people's lives.