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Dr. Derrick DeSilva's Pyrroloquinoline Quinone: Could PQQ Hold the Key to Healthy Aging?

Now in 2 Potencies—10 mg & 20 mg!

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

Dr. Derrick DeSilva is proud to introduce Swanson® customers to the first "vitamin-like" nutrient discovered in the last 20 years. Similar discoveries, like Coenzyme Q10, have revolutionized biological science and human health. Could PQQ do the same? Dr. DeSilva thinks so, as he explains in our exclusive interview. PQQ captured my attention many years ago but there was little commercial production and the price was extraordinary. Now a maximum potency 20mg PQQ is finally available through Swanson Health Products® at an affordable price thanks to a special partnership with the support of Dr. DeSilva. Read on and discover how PQQ might contribute to your goals for a longer, healthier life.

As always, I wish you the very best of health,

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Dr. Derrick DeSilva, M.D.

Swanson: Dr. DeSilva, you introduced me to PQQ back in 2006 and it's taken this long to bring it to our customers. Tell us what PQQ is, exactly, and why it's taken so long for us to benefit from PQQ supplementation.

DeSilva: Lee, I'm so excited to help spread the news about PQQ. Like many advancements in health and wellness, it's taken a long time to reach the public. PQQ (which stands for Pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a B-vitamin-related nutrient that Nature magazine recommended be classified as a new vitamin back in 2003. At the time, The Washington Post ran a headline proclaiming "1st New Vitamin in 55 Years." Of course my interest was piqued and I set out to learn more.

By the time we spoke seven years ago, I was convinced this molecule would forever change our understanding of health and nutrition. Clinical research suggests that this potential new vitamin supports brain and mental health, nervous system health, fundamental cellular functions and more. The more I and others learned, the more we called for a commercially available and affordable product. It's taken time, but it's finally arrived.

Swanson: Is it a vitamin, or isn't it?

DeSilva: So far PQQ has not been officially classified as a vitamin; but many experts believe it fits the definition. It's been shown to play an essential role in human nutrition. PQQ is like other B-vitamins and related nutrients like folic acid and biotin—we only need small amounts, but those small amounts are profoundly important to our health and wellness.

Swanson: In what foods do we find PQQ?

DeSilva: PQQ is found throughout our food supply. Beans, potatoes, parsley, green tea and fermented foods. Interestingly, it's found in high amounts in human breast milk. In the body we find it concentrated in vital organs with high energy requirements, like the brain and the heart, and within red blood cells.

Swanson: What are the primary actions of PQQ? What's the benefit?

DeSilva: You've likened it to CoQ10 and that's an appropriate association. PQQ is active within cellular mitochondria, the energy center of the cell. This has major implications for brain health, nervous system health, and potentially other systems, structures and functions throughout the body. This nutrient displays antioxidant activity, neuroprotective action, and cognitive benefits. The breadth of PQQ's influence is nothing short of amazing.

Current research is focused on cognitive health because the brain is thought to be most vulnerable to the decline in mitochondrial function that comes with age. PQQ has been shown to support healthy mitochondria as well as something called nerve growth factor, which is essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy neurons and branching nerve cells.

SWANSON: People are really excited about PQQ!

DeSilva: Absolutely; I believe PQQ is the most remarkable new dietary ingredient we'll see in our lifetime. It's helping to build the bridge between functional nutrition and clinical care. As research continues, evidence for PQQ's profound influence is accumulating rapidly.

Most exciting to me is that we can now offer a 20 mg, maximum potency PQQ supplement at an affordable cost. When I first became interested in it, there was very little commercial production and the cost was too high for widespread use. Now with my signature Dr. Derrick DeSilva's Swanson Ultra® PQQ, millions of people have access to it. I firmly believe that if we all add PQQ to our daily dietary regimens we could realize a true shift in health statistics within the next two decades. PQQ is a safe and affordable dietary intervention for healthy aging of mind and body.