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Getting Serious About Saw Palmetto…

Introducing PalmettoPure™ Gold-Standard, Certified Organic Saw Palmetto Extract

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly in America. Natural health products are a big part of the revolution. Worldwide, a handful of leading companies are defining the future of natural products by developing standards, documenting results and creating alternatives that meet the quality and consistency standards previously associated only with pharmaceuticals. Valensa Intl., of Eustis, Florida, producer of our new PalmettoPure™ Saw Palmetto Extract, is one of these companies. PalmettoPure features Valensa’s USPlus® Certified Organic Saw Palmetto Extract, a prime example of today’s best nutraceuticals.

It Begins with the Berries

Unlike synthetic drugs, herbal products are highly variable. Companies like Valensa are trying to change that by controlling crops and using pharmaceutical industry methods to prepare, analyze and certify their ingredients. In fact, Valensa has defined quality for saw palmetto around the world.

Saw palmetto frond

A typical saw palmetto frond

Saw palmetto is a unique herbal product in that it cannot be cultivated. All saw palmetto is wild crafted and 80 percent of the world’s supply comes from Florida, where Valensa is located. Valensa is the only worldwide supplier of certified organic saw palmetto that controls the actual berries, contracting with local pickers to pinpoint the precise moment of harvest and working with agricultural authorities to preserve and protect the integrity of the crop. Plus, Valensa worked closely with organic certifiers to designate specific lands as certified organic, a major achievement for a wild-crafted herb.

Supercritical Solvent-Free Extraction

Deep Extract logo

Variability in natural products is not simply a crop issue. How herbs are processed is equally important. PalmettoPure is produced using Valensa’s proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction technology, which yields a final product as “natural” as the berries themselves.

The Swanson® product development team visited Valensa’s Florida facilities to learn firsthand about the advantages of this high-tech process. “I’ve examined a lot of facilities and processes over the years,” said product development manager Tom Audette. “I’ve never been as impressed as I am with Valensa. What they are able to accomplish at low temperatures without solvents—using only high pressure and pure CO2—is simply astonishing.”

Simply put, supercritical CO2 extraction delivers more of what nature has to offer. Higher molecular weight compounds missing in other extracts—e.g., sterols, carotenoids and long-chain alcohols critical to effective composition—are retained. For example, PalmettoPure delivers 4 times the beta carotene, 10 times the lutein and 30 times the zeaxanthin of a typical saw palmetto low-pressure extract. Plus, because no solvents are used, the final product is 100% free of impurities and chemical residues.

Saw palmetto berries

Dried saw palmetto berries prior to extraction

Extraction chamber

A supercritical extraction chamber

Stability Ensures Quality

O2B logo

Preserving the integrity of natural plant compounds is the final step in creating an effective herbal supplement. Because oils are highly susceptible to oxidation and can become rancid very quickly, many producers add preservatives that, while protecting stability, interfere with natural composition. Valensa solved this problem with O2B, an advanced peroxidation blocking system that relies on protective handling procedures and natural complexes to preserve sensitive, organic nutritional compounds without the use of traditional preservatives. O2B is your guarantee that your supplement is as naturally fresh and potent as the day it was created.

Steve Hill and Swanson’s Tom Audette

Steve Hill (L), and Swanson’s Tom Audette (R) look on as an operator lowers a cylinder into a supercritical extraction chamber

Get Serious—Get PalmettoPure

Palmetto Pure logo

If you’re using saw palmetto for prostate health, why take chances? Get the only certified organic saw palmetto extract on the market today. Get the one that’s traceable all the way back to the palms from which it came. Get the saw palmetto that guarantees optimum concentrations of fatty acids and natural supporting nutrients with no unnatural solvents or preservatives. You’ll find it only here in Swanson’s softgels—serious saw palmetto for serious prostate support.

Saw palmetto berries

Freshly-harvested saw palmetto berries