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WellBody•365™—For Strong Defenses Every Day

Seasonal immune support is fine, but why limit yourself? New WellBody•365™ delivers defensive nourishment you can take every day, all year long. The WellBody blend includes patented clinically evaluated standardized extracts of Maitake and Ashwagandha guaranteed to meet stringent standards for consistent composition, purity and potency. Unlike many seasonal support supplements, which can only be taken for up to two weeks, WellBody•365 is safe for use day after day, so you can remain strong and healthy in all the seasons of your life.

Maitake Activates Defensive Potential

Mushroom products have been part of traditional Asian diets and healthcare for centuries. Over the past decade, scientific research has determined that there's good reason for this. Mushrooms contain unique nutrients that appear to modulate the immune system.

Maitake, a mushroom native to Japan, contains specific protein-bound polysaccharides that have been identified as the active constituents. These nutrients, Beta 1,3 and Beta 1,6 Glucans, are concentrated in WellBody•365 to enhance their effectiveness.

According to the renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Research Hospital, which has studied the specific Maitake extract in WellBody•365 for the past seven years, Maitake's benefits may lie in its ability to activate key immune system cells, such as macrophages and natural killer (NK) cells, as well as active immune products of these cells, such as interleukins and cytokines.

The Maitake extract in WellBody•365 is the only supplemental Maitake developed and endorsed by international Maitake expert Dr. Hiroaki Nanba of Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan. It is one of the most clinically researched Maitake extracts in the world.

Ashwagandha Aids Resistance Against Stress

Wellbody365 chart

Everyone knows that stress can wear us down. Research shows that both physical and mental stress increase biological markers that indicate high demands on the immune system, such as cortisol and interleukins.

Traditional herbs like Ashwagandha (sometimes called Indian Ginseng) have been classified as "adaptogens" for their ability to help the body adapt to stressful conditions. Modern research has confirmed Ashwagandha's ability to support biochemical balance and scientists have standardized and concentrated the herb's active principles in the exclusive clinically tested extract found in WellBody•365.

The chart to the right, from a study published just this year in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, shows the effects of this specific extract on corticosterone levels in animals subjected to stress imposed by exposure to cold temperatures. Corticosterone is equivalent to cortisol in humans.

Note that while benefits were observed with the individual ingredients, the WellBody•365 blend performed better, producing statistically significant results indicating remarkable support.

1 Capsule, 2 Ingredients, 365 Days of Support

WellBody•365 is the next generation of scientifically advanced immune support nutraceuticals based on natural health traditions. With its patented, clinically tested standardized ingredients, WellBody•365 surpasses common supplements to create a multifunctional nutraceutical you can rely on every day, no matter what life brings. Try it today, keep taking it tomorrow, and see for yourself how powerful natural products can be when the traditions of the past are united with the science of today.