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Capros® Indian Gooseberry Fruit Extract

Clinically Validated Antioxidant Superfruit Delivers Cardiovascular Protection & More

You hear a lot about "superfruits" these days, but if ever there was a fruit truly deserving that distinction it's the Indian gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica, also known as amla. Recognized as one of the most important fruits in Ayurvedic practice, Indian gooseberry has been used for thousands of years as an effective detoxifier and rejuvenator. Modern research has revealed that amla is rich in bioactive tannins with an incredible range of antioxidant activity. These discoveries provide a scientific basis for the many benefits observed during centuries of traditional use. Armed with this knowledge, scientists set out to develop a method to extract these tannins and produce a concentrated Indian gooseberry supplement with unparalleled antioxidant potency. The culmination of their efforts is Capros®, a multi-patented Indian gooseberry extract standardized to a minimum 60% bioactive tannin concentration. This super-concentrated extract has an amazing oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) with which no other "superfruit" can compare.

The Antioxidant Cascade

One characteristic that makes Capros so uniquely effective at scavenging free radicals is that it acts as a cascading antioxidant. This means that in addition to its initial antioxidant activity, its metabolites also act as antioxidants. The net result is that instead of one antioxidant, you get a cascade of successive antioxidants as the tannins are metabolized in the body. This cascade puts Capros above all other superfruits, with nearly twice the ORAC rating of acai and approximately 17 times that of pomegranate.

As impressive as its ORAC rating is, Capros' versatility may be just as important as its potency. There are many different types of free radicals, and they don't all respond to individual antioxidants the same way. By initiating a cascade of distinct antioxidant compounds, Capros is able to quench peroxyl, peroxynitrite, hydroxyl, superoxide and singlet oxygen radicals while prolonging the activity of other antioxidants like vitamin C. In addition, Capros acts as a chelator of transition metals, protecting the body from iron and copper-induced oxidative stress.

Clinically Validated Cardio Benefits

Unlike other Indian gooseberry supplements on the market, which have not been subjected to scientific scrutiny, Capros is supported by multiple U.S. and International patents as well as seven peer-reviewed studies on cardiovascular health alone. Capros has been shown to promote endothelial function, thereby supporting healthy arteries and blood vessels. Beneficial effects on lipid profiles and other key cardiovascular biomarkers such as CRP have also been recorded.

Researchers believe that the effectiveness of Capros shown in published studies suggests a unique opportunity for dietary cardiovascular support. Unlike other popular heart-healthy supplements like CoQ10 and essential fatty acids (omega-3s), Capros is water soluble, stable, free of side effects and carries no known contraindications, meaning it can be safely added to almost any health program regardless of current diet, supplement or medication use.

With its potency and versatility, Capros is one of the most promising new supplements for cardiovascular health and overall antioxidant nourishment to emerge in recent years. Its broad range of heart-healthy benefits, incredible ORAC rating and antioxidant powers, and its excellent safety profile make Capros the ultimate superfruit supplement. At our low Swanson price, Capros can be an affordable addition to your daily regimen for heart health and total-body wellness.